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Google Project Glass

Buy custom Google Project Glass essay

Buy custom Google Project Glass essay

Every year the world witnesses how innovative gadgets once seen only in science fiction movies about remote future encounter today’s reality and become routine. This paper gives a personal review of one representative from a numerous group of wearable computing devices Google Project Glass with analysis of its possibilities, importance and currency.

 Google Project Glass is basically a merger of a computer with glasses called to bring augmented reality into everyday life. The device differs from usual glasses not only by the absence of lenses, but also by the built-in half-inch heads-up display (HUD) which opens the doors to a virtual life for the viewer. Its basic idea was to free people while they are experiencing and exploring contemporary world so that there is no need to be distracted by phones, computers, cameras, etc.  Thus, the device allows social networking, taking pictures, messaging, calling while also offering interaction with the environment and people. For instance, it can show the temperature outside or install visual reminders chosen by the viewer. The technology is managed by the wearer’s voice and eyes as it detects which icon the viewer is looking at therefore activating it.

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The device is not meant for particular narrow groups; on the contrary it is targeted to become a mass product. Now the company is working on decreasing its first estimated price of $1,500 to $200-500 by the forecasted release date at the end of 2013 which will help it become a popular gadget. It is worth mentioning, that the spectacles have a rather fashionable and decent look appropriate both for business environment and youngsters.  It does not distract your companions and most of the work done with it stays unnoticeable. However, Google is confident that it will not become a major distraction for the wearer in its turn being a helpful tool rather than entertainment.

My opinion is that such multi-tasking yet small and compact devices really bring the future of high-tech convenience closer and make it look brighter.

Buy custom Google Project Glass essay

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