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Medical Informatics

Buy custom Medical Informatics essay

Buy custom Medical Informatics essay

Healthcare field is the one where every split second matters. The faster your doctor gets your test results, the faster you can get diagnosed.  In order for the proper diagnosis to be established it is important to have all the data at hand.

The advancement of medical informatics has a great impact on the efficiency and quality of the medical care. Developing new systems, programs and analytical tools helps advance the medical care industry as a whole as well as improve the care provided to every single patient. This will help with analysis and efficient processing of the data the doctors have at hand when treating patients. New software can also bring a big leap to the medical trials through the improvement of analytical and interpretive software.

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Health communications are vital, may include communication of new policies from the health department to the hospitals, lab test reports sent straight to the doctors and automatically added to the patients file. How fast the information gets to the doctor from the lab might cost nothing, but might even cost a life. Through the development of health communications and informatics together the lab results could be systematized, compared and contrasted  for the doctor to make the decision fast and right.

With the advancement in medical field we have today due to the rapid development of health communications and informatics it is  even hard to imagine the limit of the future improvements that  are yet to come. However, there are also drawbacks to these beautiful and promising changes. All the electronics and digital media require 24/7 supply of power and internet. And if one of those supplies get breached all the system fails, if the power lines get damaged or the system gets corrupt by virus, it all fails in a second. 

Buy custom Medical Informatics essay

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