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The World of Technology

Buy custom The World of Technology essay

Buy custom The World of Technology essay

The world of technology has brought many changes to the way many issues are done. Technology can be said to have started way back to the agrarian revolution when for the first time agriculture was made possible through the use of machines which were designed to work faster and with much ease. These machines made it possible for the output to be increased to a great extent. With time technology has improved with much quantum leaps being made in the recent past. Technology has proved to be very influential in the everyday activities of man. With very advancement in technology, the application has been found to increase tremendously. When computers were first invented, they were purely used for arithmetic purpose but over time they have been adapted and are now being used everywhere in the society; from being confined within the scientists labs, computers nowadays have become household machines which can be considered among the basic needs that a person requires in life. As such computers have proved to very useful in various fields. In the world of commerce, computers are very important and can be regarded to be one of the biggest backbones of commerce. By using modern technologies through computers it has been possible to advance trading activities to far areas in a much better way; faster, effectively and appropriately. The use of internet has been one of the most influential technologies in the world of trading. Internet use has made it possible for corporate entities to carry out their trading activities to various parts both which are accessible and inaccessible.

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This chapter introduces this research paper. The chapter also contains information on the methodologies used in carrying out the research paper.

The current ever changing business world has compelled organizations to seek various ways of being relevant and competitive in the market. Corporate leaders are always on the look for ways through which they can reach to both the existing and potential customers. Marketing executives likewise make various attempts to understand the ways in which various customers behave in relation to buying and selling of goods and services. Business leaders have always sought to know what makes the customers happy. There are various ways in which this is carried out; surveys, use of questionnaires among other means. Technology has been helpful in carrying out these purposes.  Through the use of technology it has been possible for the business leaders to expand on their businesses and reach more customers than ever before. The internet has been the most influential in carrying out promotion activities. This research paper seeks to show the impact of technology on corporate bodies and businesses in general. This research paper is will carry out a detailed discussion about the evolution of technology, especially the internet. The discussion shows how he internet has influenced the way corporate bodies strategize their marketing plans. Internet application has found many applications in today’s society. It has been well integrated into the livelihood of most people making it a very efficient channel for use by the business people trying to reach out to the customers. The convenience which comes along with the use of the internet has made it possible for it to be one of the most popular means that businesses use to reach to their customers. Both big corporate bodies and small business are embracing the use of the internet in carrying out their business.

Despite all the advantages which are associated with the use of internet in the business world, there are some disadvantages which have been noted to be associated with the use of internet in the trading activities. This research paper seeks to show how technology has inevitably changed the way marketing is carried out.

This section reviews the methodology which is used in carrying out this research. The research will generally make use of literature review as the only means of collecting data. This research will make use of literature review as a way of collecting information on the research topic. The objectives and the research are given in this section. The significance and relevance of the study are highlighted in this section. The possible weaknesses of carrying out a research by purely using literature review are also noted.

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There are many methods which can be used to collect data when carrying out a research. Some of the most common methods which are used include the use of questionnaires, carrying out interviews and surveys. Examination of research works which already have been worked by other researchers can also be used as a way of data collection. This research paper will exclusively make use of literature to collection information on the research question. In the use of literature in gathering of information, care is taken to use credible sources which can be relied on.  To achieve this, the paper makes use of book, peer reviewed journal articles, organization websites and government websites. As such the research paper will be limited to the use literature materials in carrying out the research.

The aim of this research paper is to examine how the advancement in technology has revolutionized the world of marketing. In using literature review this paper aims at achieving the following objectives.

  • The means of how technology is used in carrying out marketing 
  • The reason for the popularity of the of using technology in the business marketing
  • Identifying the relationship between technology application and effectiveness in carrying out marketing

&nnbsp;           This research paper is quite significant to the current world of trade. The paper will shade more light on how technology has evolved to be a leading factor in marketing of businesses around the world. This research will make it possible for its readers to appreciate the efforts of technology in making the world a global village through the process of globalization. The research paper also will double as a loud remind for corporate leaders in the business world for the small, medium and large enterprises to embrace the use and application of technology in their business activities especially in the marketing efforts.

In order to meet the above objectives, the following research question will sought to be answered: what impact does technology has on the marketing strategies. The following questions are used in getting more information.

  • How has technology evolved in relation to business activities?
  • Which are some of the ways in which technology helps in fostering business activities?
  • In what ways is technology being used to carry out marketing activities?

This research makes exclusive use of literature review: works which have already been carried out by other authors are used to gather information on the research topic. Use of literature review has some limitations. The research paper will be limited to only the views of the researches which have already been carried out. To counter this limitation, the literature used was drawn from a wide field of authors. The use of many authors and various sources helps in reducing the biases in the sources if any. According to Jankowics (2005, p. 198), when one is carrying out research the research design needs to be carefully designed: he defines a research design has a, “a structured approach to data-collection that neatly and economically addresses the research question, answering the hypothesis or resolving the argument involved” (Jankowicz, 2005, p. 198). Furthermore Selltiz et al., is quoted defining more on a research design, “deliberately planned arrangement of conditions for analysis and collection of data in a manner that aims to combine relevance to the research purpose with economy of procedure” (Jankowicz, 2005, p. 196).

The views of the above authors depict a research design has having the aim of careful gathering of information for the purpose of generating qualitative findings. This research in accordance to the above definition will ensure credible materials are picked to ensure that the research findings are of a high quality. This research paper basically reviews different case studies and surveys carried out and published peer reviewed journals which are relevant so as to draw a clear picture for making a conclusion on the research question. 

Buy custom The World of Technology essay

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