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Buy custom Web Quests essay

Buy custom Web Quests essay

Teaching English with technology is a challenge connected with time, support, funding and access for teachers and students in equal measure. Moreover, the modern Internet-based technologies require certain training. Nevertheless, English teachers are able to attract more students to the education course by the effective introduction of technology in their language laboratories. Thus, the classes of English language have begun to use the new technologies for communication.

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A web quest is the information-gathering method that is provided through web resources in order to research the theme. Its aim is the promotion and motivation of critical thinking in students that will help them create new projects and solve problems. The web quest became an alternative of eaching English with the emphasis on socio-cultural learning frameworks, competences, critical thinking and technology learning.

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Though, the scholars do not consider the web quest to be the central learning and teaching instrument in English for professional purposes, it can be the helpful tool for students. The web quests are usually used for three main purposes: the oral development, the professional growth and the social constructivist education (March, 2004). Therefore, the learning experience becomes the worldly-wise and meaningful practice.

The students get two main benefits: the improvement of the language skills and the computer skills, as well. This approach develops the individual critical thinking by the analysis, comparison and expression of oone’s own opinion in order to make the further research. The social and communicative interaction of students is realized through the activity cooperation, dialogue and critical thinking that strengthen the group, pair and individual learning in the form of the internet-based dialogue. Consequently, the students extend their communicative competence and knowledge.

In conclusion, the web quests help students in their performance, the development of the professional and language skills. The different technological devices, the face-to-face interaction between students, and the teacher-student roles in the web quests can be regarded as further researches on this subject. Consequently, this field is open to the exploration and evaluation of the web quests as the instructional tools.

Buy custom Web Quests essay

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