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Interesting Facts about Cryptography

Interesting Facts about Cryptography

In childhood, you must surely have written secret letters to your friends that only you could understand. It was such a great fun to develop your own language of letters, symbols, and numbers, wasn’t it? Actually, you probably even didn’t know that this secret language belonged to cryptography, which refers to the way of transforming a plain text into a cipher one with the help of symbols, numbers, and letters. The text that comes as a result of your code is known as a coded or encrypted text.

The subject of cryptography offers much interesting information to explore and study in detail. Actually, only few students among the many studying this subject will be truly interested in it and will have the required knowledge to continue working in this sphere. You may ask why? The answer is simple: the subject is rather complicated and contains many complex algorithms that are hard for understanding. However, if you face many difficulties studying cryptography and find it really annoying, you may always seek assignment help from specific services.

Besides, to ease your understanding of what cryptography entails, we have gathered a few facts that you will probably find interesting to know:

Initially, Cryptography Was Studied Merely for Military Purposes

The encrypted texts were used to send secret messages in the war time. In particular, during the World War II, ENIGMA was a popular language of cryptography used by the Germans to attack the US troops. Alan Turing was the one to crack the code, which helped the US army to prevent defeat in the war.

The public and Private Key Encryptions Were just on the Onset of Cryptography Development

With the increasing importance of encrypting and hiding information, researchers began to come up with new ways of encryption. As a result, they developed such algorithms as RSA, SHA256, DES, and others.

Not only Encryption Can Ensure Security of Data

Encryption does not assure that there won’t be any leakage of data – it only hides the data from the third party who can decode it. To prevent the third parties from stealing information and using it for their own purposes, it is important to upgrade the code from time to time.

Money Cannot Be Encrypted

The question whether it is possible to encrypt money has interested people for a long time. This question was particularly topical for those who prefer plastic money to cash. However, the thing is that personal ID and password are always at the risk of being stolen by security threats.

Encryption Became Popular Long before the Inception of the Internet

It is interesting to know that encryption had been developed before the introduction of any existing network. The only difficulty was in the calculations as it was rather complicated to perform them manually. Still, despite this fact, it was never an obstacle on the way to encrypting data.

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