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Killing Us Softly

Buy custom Killing Us Softly essay

Buy custom Killing Us Softly essay

Killing Us Softly 3 is a documentary film, which has significantly helped to enhance the study of gender representation in advertising. The video gives a twenty years summary of lecturing and research, in order to sensitize men and women to the new subtle techniques advertisers are using to get people to literally buy into either femininity or masculinity (Kilbourne, 2000).

Apparently, sociologists use a number of distinct designs and methods in studying a society and its social behavior. In her research, Kilbourne used the longitudinal research method whereby she studied the American society over a period of time. Inspired by her interest in media, her participation in women movements and the experiences she encountered as a model, Kilbourne begun gathering advertisements in the1960s (Kilbourne, 2000). She employs more than 160 TV commercials and ads to evaluate advertising representation of women. During this period, Kilbourne was able to observe a particular pattern in the advertisements, and this proofs that, in spite of the benefits of women lobby groups, advertising portrayal of women has just worsened. The main premise of the film is to scrutinize the advertisement representation of the females in America (Kilbourne, 2000). It covers how women are portrayed in advertisements and calls for persons to be acquainted with the dangers of the present situations of the negative image.

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It is true to argue that, Kilbourne ideas are still valid. In the contemporary society for instance, a number of advertisements represent the feminine in a very bad and dangerous light. In such instances, they are employed as animals, objects and are usually subjected to male violence. Apparently, these types of depictions are embarrassing as well as devalue the self perception of women.

In a nutshell, individuals should encourage positive portrayals and protest against damaging the same. Furthermore, they should involve themselves in anything that ensures change and not only in the advertisements, but the attitudes in their cultures, which affect them deeply.

Buy custom Killing Us Softly essay

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