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If you want your business report to be fully comprehensible to readers, you have to write it clearly and structure it appropriately. It should be admitted that a key function of business reports is to provide the information that will help both the company management and potential investors make reasonable decisions.

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Making a Proper Business Report Structure

Each establishment has their own specifications for producing reports. Still, in the majority of cases, reports include the sections mentioned below. It does not necessarily mean that your report has to include all the indicated parts. It depends on the specifics of a business report.

  • Title. It should present the purpose of your paper. It can indicate your name and the date when you are going to present your report.
  • Table of contents. If your project is very long, it should contain the TOC. It has to enumerate the units of a report, section headings, and page numbers.
  • Executive summary. It should succinctly describe the basics of the report, i.e. provide some background data, identify the matter in question, and offer solutions to the posed business problem. Additionally, it should illustrate the restrictions on the discussed issue.
  • Introductory unit. This section should highlight the primary data about the matter however in a more detailed way than it is presented in the summary. This unit gives readers a clear understanding of what the whole report is about.
  • Methods of collecting data. Here, you are required to give information about the used research methods and their restrictions. Additionally, you can state what actions can be taken to surmount the restrictions intrinsic to a particular research technique.
  • Results. The achieved results have to be confirmed by plentiful evidence so that readers understand that you have examined the subject thoroughly. This section may also include statistical data and the viewpoint on the matter given by professionals in the area.
  • Conclusion. Its role is to summarize the imparted facts and put forward suggestions concerning the further development of the issue.
  • References. It is a list of the used publications that has to be arranged in an alphabetical order.
  • Appendices. Any extra material such as tables, diagrams, etc. that helps make a detailed analysis of the matter should be presented in appendices.

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When writing a business report, one should pay close attention to the following items:

  1. Spelling and grammar has to be correct, and the presented material has to be relevant.
  2. Be consistent in using the voice, i.e. pick just active or passive.
  3. Your report has to be formatted according to the demands imposed by your school.

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We Offer Expert Assistance with Report Writing

You have found highly proficient writers able to give you valuable business report writing help. Whether you need to write an entire report or just some of its sections, feel free to turn to our writers. They will help you avoid problems in doing such an assignment. Whatever the specific features and requirements are, our experts will manage to prepare a superb report for you.

Apart from the writers, our team also comprises experienced editors who always make sure our clients receive error-free reports. Additionally, we check all reports for duplicate passages to ensure our users will get original texts. On demand, we provide our customers with plagiarism reports (for free) verifying the authenticity of their assignments. Remember that we do everything possible to make our clients absolutely satisfied with the way we work.

You will have no regrets about cooperating with our masters. If your report needs improvements, you can avail yourself of our free revision option. It can be requested within 48 hours (1-19 pages) and a month, i.e. 30 days (20 or more pages) after the report completion. Mind to keep the initial guidelines unchanged!

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Purchasing Reports Online: the Details

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We accept payments conducted via PayPal or by credit cards. Please bear in mind that both your financial and personal data will be protected from scammers since customers’ privacy and security are our major priorities. Once the payment is confirmed, one of our experts will start dealing with your report.

  • Wait until your project is edited

The writing stage is only a part of the entire process. The next phase is the proofreading one. To make sure your text is free from any errors and discrepancies, we will thoroughly examine each its aspect, i.e. spelling, format, grammar, etc. Plagiarism check is also included.

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Once your piece of writing goes through the abovementioned stages, it will be available in your personal cabinet. Timely completion is granted!

If you need any information about our agency or want to know how our experts write business reports, reach our support team via the live chat or by phone.

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