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Guide to Creating a Response Essay

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We are often expected to do what other people expect us to do in several areas of our academic, personal, and professional lives. Maybe this is the best way for humans to get along together in every way that is closely aligned to how we communicate by machine and at an interpersonal level. Where this observation is leading to is that when people are asked to write a response essay to an article, paper or literary piece, we are obliged to provide what the professors or instructors who score the work or those who develop an opinion by reading it expect.

For anyone who needs to write a response essay, the process is quite similar to writing analytical essays i.e. you need to conduct an analysis of some given material and explain the results of that analysis. Nevertheless, response papers are the writer’s personal or own assessment of the work of another author; therefore, the subjective viewpoint you provide will be open to less scrutiny than, say, an analysis paper.

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Thus, writing a response essay is a form of scholarly writing wherein the writer acquaints themselves with a given text, analyzes that text from every angle, takes notes, and writes a personal assessment based on what they have read and observed. Generally speaking, when working on response essays, the writer should describe to their readers what they experience or feel upon reading a text, listening to, or watching something.

The Process for Writing Response Essays

While writing a critical response essay, there are a number of details that are essential to bear in mind to successfully complete the assignment. To reach certain heights in writing, one needs to understand the difference between response essays and summaries.

Writing summaries involves paraphrasing the key thoughts and/or ideas in a written piece. You need to use direct quotes and cite the author. In most cases, students present the most important points and paraphrased ideas in an identical order to the original order. However, some parts of an analysis can be put forward, but not direct evaluations or assessments. In responses like these, the writer offers their personal assessment of a given work e.g. a work of literature. The writer develops their own thoughts in a way that directly relates to the material they have analyzed.

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If you are just learning how to write a response essay, and whether your essay is long or short, make sure you use an appropriate structure and format. A three-section structure is, for example, common in a lot of assignment types: an introductory section, a main body, and a concluding section.

In the case of, say, a movie response essay assignment or a book response essay, there are some options when it comes to format: the MLA or APA style or the Chicago or Harvard style. You should nonetheless keep in mind that the choice of formatting depends largely on the subject, topic, and/or a professor’s instructions. Therefore, if a professor gives you one of these assignments, ask them what style you should use. In the event you are given freedom to select, choose a format you feel comfortable with or one that is familiar to you.

When writing a response essay, it is usual to provide a few points in your paper’s introductory section, which you will then go on to discuss in the main body paragraphs. Every type of essay has a thesis statement as an integral and central component; hence, you need to develop an eye-catching and interesting statement early on. A lot of experts recommend focusing on particular parts of a text instead of attempting to cover everything in a text. This method allows you to reveal aspects and elements that readers do not know about. Remember to align your impressions and thoughts with the main statements in the text. It also helps to develop an essay outline in order to divide your writing into different stages and to stick to whatever plan you develop.

Lastly, when you are finished, you should consider giving your work to another person to read with a view to identifying weaknesses. When every error is corrected, your paper is ready for submission. If, however, you still find writing a paper like this too complicated, contact at any time!

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