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Progressive Delivery

Progressive delivery means that you can place an order for a large project with our company and avoid difficulties managing it. A large order usually exceeds 20 pages double-spaced or 10 pages single-spaced.

The main advantages of progressive delivery include:

  • You can trace the progress of your project, because it will be delivered to you in parts, always before the final deadline.
  • You will have 30 days to request a free revision (for smaller papers, you will have only 2 days)
  • Your order will be processed by one of our top writers and editors
  • You will cooperate with a personal manager who will control the progress of your paper and guarantee that you receive the finished paper on time.

Regarding drafts, please review our requirements:

  • for papers that are due within 4 days or less, the draft equals 25% of the total paper and is sent within the first 50% of the deadline. For example, if your order is due in 2 days and is 20 pages long, you receive a 5-page draft in 1 day;
  • for papers that are due within 5-11 days, two drafts equal 25% and 50% of the total paper, being sent at 25% and 50% of the deadline, accordingly;
  • for papers that are due within 12 days or more, three drafts equal 25%, 50%, and 75% of the total paper, being delivered at 25%, 50%, and 75% of the deadline, accordingly.

You will have to add only 15% to the sum of your order.

*If there are any different or unique requirements regarding the way the paper should be delivered, we can propose an individual plan of writing, taking into consideration your preferences. Please discuss the details of your order with our manager.

Additional Orders for Papers Less than 20 Pages Long

A One-Page Summary of Your Work

We provide our customers with a 1-page summary of the paper covering its main points. If you are expected to report in front of your class, it is always better to have a summary of your paper in front of you.


When placing an order with us, you can be eligible for a 1-page draft of your paper (approximately 300 words for a double-spaced paper and 600 words for a single-spaced paper). The draft is usually delivered after the first half of the deadline expires. That is, if the paper is due in 4 days, the draft will be sent in 2 days.

Extended Revision

You are eligible for free revisions without additional compensation within 48 hours following order completion. You can also enjoy our extended revision option and prolong this period to 14 days!


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