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1984 "Dystopia" essay

Dystopia  is an absolutely new trend in literature, art, and philosophy, arisen as a counterweight to the opposite genre of utopia. One of the most vivid and famous examples of dystopia is the novel 1984 written by George Orwell which depicts the society with developed totalitarian regime. ...

The Plague essay

“Oh my God it is so boiling hot today… Is there any point in going outside? I can’t see those swollen corpses anymore,” an old man peered through a small dimmed window to the street. That suffocating summer day the street was empty, except for the rats and the corpses. The ...

The Struggle for a Self essay

Summary Most readers of the Black Skin, White Masks are not aware of whether Fanon wrote for or against perpetual racism. There are opinions that Fanon in his book tried to analyze sociogenic racial categories, which belong to a historical setting with extensive racial profiling. Fanon provided the ...

"The World's Religions: Our Great Wisdom Traditions" by Huston Smith essay

“The World’s Religions”, written by Huston Smith, the mastermind of theology and modern religious sciences, is a profound implement of the analysis and comprehension of the major beliefs worldwide. In his book, the author attempts to explore the fundamental issues of diverse ...

Veterans Medical Care: Literature Review essay

Research Problem Recently, there has been great concern about the welfare and health of veterans and their families, as this sub-population has a characteristic vulnerability to health risks. Moreover, numerous veterans are homeless in the US and many more are yet to face this chronic problem. ...
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