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Learning to Write Well

How to Write a College Essay Perfectly

Mastering your writing skills is often a difficult and time consuming task. While you are studying in a high school, college or university, the professors do their best to teach students to express their thoughts on a paper in en effective manner. In addition, students are expected to dedicate their time to mastering the writing skills on their own. Without a doubt, you understand that writing skills are essential for a student to finish his/her studying successfully. Find here some useful tips on how to improve your writing skills.

For example, I referred to my favorite role-models whose pieces of advice helped me to write better. Here I present George Orwell’s guideline on effective writing that I always keep in mind when doing my assignments.

George Orwell on writing:

1.Do not try to utilize a figure of speech, for instance, a metaphor, simile or hyperbole that is frequently used by famous writers in print.

2.Do not use a long fancy word or phrase if it can be easily replaced with a simple one.

3.If you feel you can shorten the text then do so.

4.Avoid overusing passive voice and try to replace it with an active voice where it would be more appropriate .

5.Always find common English equivalents for foreign, scientific, or jargon words or phrases.

6.The most important: always apply common sense when writing.

I am sure that these tips will be useful for you when working on your essays.

For those who also perceive Kurt Vonnegut as a role-model, I prepared 7 tips from another famous American writer.

Kurt Vonnegut’s writing guideline:

1.Write on a subject that is important for you.

2.Do not write in a confusing and irrelevant manner.

3.Make your writing easy to read and understand.

4.Cut the words, phrases and even sentences that bear no significant meaning to the whole piece of writing.

5.Be yourself when writing and express your own thoughts and ideas on a paper.

6.Write clearly. Do not make your reader confused by delivering vague messages.

7.Always keep your reader in mind when writing. Pay attention to details that may keep your readers interested.

When you want to gain writing skills, try to ask experienced people for their assistance. Although some pieces of advice overlap in the lists created by both authors, this only signifies that their tips work well for improving writing skills. Polish your writing using the guidelines provided above and soon you will be amazed about the papers you write as well as high grades that they score for you.

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