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Persuasive Essay Prompts

Persuasive Essay

A task where you have to reflect on a topic is called an essay. When you have to write a persuasive essay, you need to persuade your reader to agree with you on the provided argument. Different essay prompts can help you write a better paper. Below, you can find some of them.

Examples of Persuasive Essay Prompts

  • Internet pornography has a negative moral effect on young internet users even though most of them do not realize it. Create a strong argument and persuade your reader that they must agree with it.
  • Although smoking has a negative effect on health, we face the increase of the rate of cigarette smoking every day. Write an essay aiming to discourage your reader to smoke.
  • Many parents consider that hip-hop style songs convey wrong messages and negatively influence their kids. With the help pf your essay, prove that they are mistaken.
  • After sewage burst that has happened in your house, your official asks community to repair it. Write a note to the official giving your opinion on this problem.
  • Parents and students think that homework is unnecessary. However, teachers claim that it is essential for students’ performance. Support one of the sides in your essay using relevant examples.
  • Outline for a Persuasive Essay

    Perhaps, you have been wondering why you need to create a draft of your work before presenting your paper. It is necessary because it helps you catch a better idea of where you are headed in your research. In your outline, you should include all the basic points of your essay. When you write an outline before the paper, you will understand how it helps you in practice.

    How to Draft a Persuasive Essay

    Before you start writing, spend some time contemplating your thoughts and organizing them. A graphic organizer is a well-structured way to reflect your knowledge on the subject and see how effectively you can work on it. Do not include the graphics that are unnecessary and do not support your arguments.

    Persuasive Letter Writing

    Writing a persuasive paper can seem to be a challenging task. Indeed, it is hard to persuade different people with different views to accept and agree with your point of view just with the piece of writing. For this reason, you need to be careful and remember that the arguments you use in your essay should be coherent. There should be no inconsistent or doubtful statements. Look at your paper from the perspective of your target reader and try to impress and persuade him/her.

    Are you confused about writing a persuasive essay? Do not worry! Use our essay prompts, follow our recommendations on where to start, and you will write an excellent persuasive essay.

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