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Erickson’s Stage of Identity vs. Role Confusion

Buy custom Erickson’s Stage of Identity vs. Role Confusion essay

Buy custom Erickson’s Stage of Identity vs. Role Confusion essay

In his theory of psychosocial development, Erick Erickson, an ego psychologist, has described the effects of social experiences throughout the entire lifespan. Erickson has identified eight stages every person must pass through throughout his or her lifespan. In every stage, individuals face various challenges and may also master novel ones. According to the psychologist, individuals should effectively complete the challenges of each phase, failure to which they may recur as predicaments later in life (Bee and Boyd 12). The purpose of the current paper is to investigate identity vs. role confusion stage and how it applies to my life. The paper starts with the detailed description of each stage, and attention is paid to their application.

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Overview of Identity vs. Role Confusion

In this stage, the question of who individuals are and what they want to become is frequently asked. Considering that it is an adolescence period (13-19 years), it involves a transition from infancy to adulthood (Crain 36). Children begin to become more autonomous and, at the same time, start looking at their later life in a more different way. Such aspects as relationships, career, as well as families, become more significant. Additionally, children start exploring possibilities and form identity founded on the results obtained. However, confusion may arise if they fail to recognize their identity and their responsibility. This means that primarily they are likely to go through some form of role confusion that may encompass mixed feelings and ideas regarding how they will be incorporated into the society they live in. As a result, the need to start experimenting with a range of activities (such as belonging to particular religious or political groups) becomes paramount. Erickson puts forward that in the long run, the majority of adolescents attain a sense of identity, recognition of who they are. This is based on the state of psychosocial moratorium in whih the society permits them to ‘find themselves’. It means having adequate time and space for the adolescents to explore.

Furthermore, the issue of appearance becomes a primary concern among adolescents. In this case, it means physical manifestation. Therefore, adolescents start exploring by dressing in a different way and dying the hair among others. This is called the inner self that is the fundamental component of psychosocial. Adolescence is a period of radical change, including modification in the body, the capacity of the mind changes as it begins searching person’s intentions as well as those of others. This includes what they want to become in later life. Erickson states that a point of identity regarding profession is attained when adolescents can balance what they have and how they are going to use it.

Nevertheless, Erickson offers that identity formation in the current industrial society takes a long time (Bee and Boyd 52). This is based on the fact that gaining the required skills to carry out adulthood responsibilities in the world that is characterized by rapid growth in technology also necessitates a lot of time. Therefore, achieving a sense of identity does not take place automatically, meaning that there is no exact time period in which adolescents can find themselves.

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Application to My Life

In the present day, most teenagers experience identity vs. role confusion. This may be in personal or family life or in choosing a career among other social spheres. As a 20-year-old girl, I am definitely at the stage where I am in search of my identity. Although I have managed to make numerous friends, I am shy. I believe that this is a major setback that I have to overcome to attain full identity. Being a shy girl, I explore different social aspects revolving in my life to gain friendships.

According to Erickson, teeenagers must internalize an inclusive and reliable set of assertions concerning their strengths and weaknesses (Crain 44). In this case, I know that I am shy. This fact adds up to my weakness. However, that has not limited me in making friends. Moreover, this is my major strength. Positive contribution from friends and families plays an essential role in this process, although much dedication should come from the adolescent herself. In order to overcome my shy character, Erickson said that much experimentation in personality should be done. However, the psychologist further pointed out that personality traits such as shyness, aggressiveness, or passiveness are fixed states. This means that their possibility of being influenced throughout the development stages is low.

Certainly, Erickson’s theory plays a major role in helping me deal with my weakness. To start with, it helps friends or family recognize cues in my behavior that may be unfavorable to creating relationships. Through this, they get a chance to influence practical solutions that may help me become confident.

Society may also exemplify the other part of psychosocial, which is external. Like most adolescents, I have to fight the high pressure between the demands of inner self-worth and external expectations. This instigates the examination of different responsibilities and expectations about myself. It may have various outcomes. In this case, people tend to change their conduct or outlook. Others might change their perception of things, their self-worth, and how everything relates to them.


By and large, it is clear that I am exhibiting psychosocial crisis. Therefore, it will eventually result in either achieving my identity or role confusion. However, with adequate support from friends or family members, I believe that I will end up obtaining a solid identity that shows who I am. Nevertheless, lack of such support may result in role confusion.

Buy custom Erickson’s Stage of Identity vs. Role Confusion essay

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