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After Twenty Years

Buy custom After Twenty Years essay

Buy custom After Twenty Years essay

The story “After Twenty Years” starts with a policemen walking the street, you can tell who he is in every little detail of his essence, his stride, his gaze, his stature. He comes across the man who is standing near a store, about to have a smoke, the man informs the policeman that he is waiting for his old friend from his youth. They were best buddies until each of them set off in the different directions searching for their fate. Judging from the accessories of the smoker, his fate was generous to him, he had a lot of diamonds on him. The policeman left, and in a while a man came to the meeting spot, after 20 years friends were finally reunited. Only in the street light Bob realized that the man walking beside him is not Jimmy. Turns out that the policeman that came along was the Jimmy, who recognized one of the people on the wanted list in Bob.

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Bob is very fond of “Jimmy” he is excited to meet his friend who was the closest person in the world to him ”Wells, my best chum, and the finest chap in the world. He and I were raised here in New York, just like two brothers, together.“In reality his very best friend when facing moral dilemma arrested his friend who was a criminal. I believe it was a tough choice, and Jimmy sided with his moral principles and career.

Jimmy loved New York, for him there were no other place to be and consequentially he became a cop. Being the police officer was a vital part of him, he was living it, it beamed from inside of him. Bob on the other hand, was into the luxury and wealth, he was interested in material values, and you could tell that from his looks. Every single accessory on him was decorated with diamonds, and judging by the wanted list he did not hesitate to bend the rules for those purposes. Being so close during the adolescence, dear friends grew so far apart.

Buy custom After Twenty Years essay

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