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"The Glorious Revolution in America"

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The book entitled“ The Glorious Revolution in  America “ was written by David Lovejoy as a form of a full testament and lamentation to the unfolding circumstances and events which were taking place in England as well as North America right between the years of 1670’s and that of the 1680’s as documented by David Lovejoy himself. The major irony in the story is that as much as a reader would expect to find all the information and the details of the so called agrarian revolution before and after the consensus was reached on the better ways of managing the colonies, David Lovejoy, with his entire prowess as a renowned historian and a writer hardly mentions this.

The story unfolds with the kind of rule by the then Oliver Cromwell being referred to as “puritan-based”. The story precedes with the emergence of William the third with the orange roots as well as Mary the second from the side referred to as the regency. It is important to note that the story of the Glorious revolution itself is characterized by both short and long term consequences on those states that were initially colonized by the British including New York as well as Maryland. The plot of the story is traced back from the time when there was both the civil and religious wars way back in the 1640s, a situation that prompted the then leader Oliver Cromwell who was in charge of both the parliamentary as well as the puritan forces that led to his rise to power and his taking charge and full force of the English Commonwealth.

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This progress took place after Oliver Cromwell had taken it upon himself to execute King Charles the First. The kind of rule that related that of the common wealth as that of Cromwell is described as “short lived”. According to this book, Cromwell is portrayed as a true dictator given the nature and the type of his leadership soon after he assumed his duties in office. He was even immune to the parliamentary decisions and therefore did nit recognize it at all. It is said that “the power of parliament was very small to him”. Due to the massive support he gathered from the parliament and the army, Cromwell managed to rule till he passed away later on in the year 1658.

He is being referred to as “a life leader or ruler” by most reviewers of this book. It is important to note that even though Cromwell’s rule was not met with smiling faces, he left a good reputation more especially with the Protestants and other citizens that eventually paved way for one of the historical moments in the name of “The Glorious Revolution” that was witnessed twenty years after his death. This was followed by yet another constitutional amendment that bestowed more powers within the parliament by leaving the monarch with very less power. The major controversies in the story are well depicted by Charles II and his brother James II in the nature and the rifts in their leadership. As much as Charles II spend and devoted most of his energy on establishing and a good working rapport between kingship and the parliament, His brother James II succeeded in nothing but destroying this good reputation that had been establishes soon after his takeover following the death of his brother Charles II in the year 1685. The document is seen to have presented a staring point to a long journey of democratic rule in both England as well as the other North American States. The underlying justification for this revolution is the sudden change in leadership skills of the Stuarts concerning their autocratic type of leadership as well as those rights entitlement to the kings regarded as divine. One of the key legacies of the glorious revolution is its establishment of “a Constitutional Monarchy”. It was as a result of its bloodlessness nature that it got the name:  “Glorious Revolution”.

Buy custom "The Glorious Revolution in America" essay

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