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Crisis in the Company

Buy custom Crisis in the Company essay

Buy custom Crisis in the Company essay

The performance of a firm or an institution is directly determined by the competence, qualification, and motivation of the people bearing the various responsibilities in its operational structure. That is why when a vacancy avails itself, it is important for the professionals responsible for the hiring process to effectively use the most effective vetting methods to arrive at the most suitable candidate or candidates (Millmore et al, 2007). Selection involves collecting information on all spheres of individuality so that the candidates chosen not only demonstrate professional qualification but also the personality traits that will make them effective in delivery of the service they are being hired for.

A suitable method of this data collection would first entail an invitation to interested persons to submit, in written form their academic and professional credentials. From this, the hiring committee should choose the most qualified, according to the information submitted and invite them for the second round of the selection process, which should be an aptitude. An aptitude test is necessary since some candidates may deliberately exaggerate their qualification or experience on paper while being totally clueless about the real requirements of the job at hand (Neal, 2010). The aptitude test ensures that only the candidates with relevant professional knowledge will be invited for the final process, the oral interview.

Oral interviews are necessary to gauge the confidence, dexterity and likeability of candidates. The advantages of this selection stage are that any supplementary information can be obtained face to face at the same time appraising the candidate’s fluency and knowledge of the job. Personality traits can be established here and weighed against the working environment and other employees in the firm or institution to determine compatibility (Novo). For the candidate, this avenue accords him or her the opportunity to ask for additional information that will enable him or her make a decision whether to take up or pass an offer if he or she is successful in the selection process.

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By conducting a behavioural assessment, the hiring officials can determine the personality and work ethics of a potential employee. They will also be able to determine if the applicant’s habits coincide with the requirements of the job description and if these personal traits augur well for the accomplishment of the organization’s goals. There is a need to ensure that any hired employee will not clash with other employees as a result of personality differences as these occurrences take up a lot of organization time, time that could be used to deliver results.

Secondly, behavioural assessment helps determine which position within an organization a candidate is best suited for. For example, an applicant vying for an office operations position can exhibit excellent leadership and interpersonal skills. The hiring official can therefore inquire if he or she would be interested in leading a sales team or being in charge of customer relations.

Behavioural assessment is not a guideline for hiring; but a tool. Behavioural characteristicsare directly related to an individual’s personality; and personality in turn directly manifests itself in how well an individual relates to the people he or she comes into contact with in the process of executing his daily professional and personal duties. Therefore, if an employer has cues about an employee’s behavioural preferences, he or she will know how best to approach the employee and how to interact with him or her while causing minimum friction (Korman et al, 1999). This augurs well for a harmonious coexistence within a common working environment. The communication between the two parties is bound to be more effective if the behavioural traits and personal preferences have been determined before they entered into a contractual agreement. In return, effective communication contributes greatly to efficiency and productivity.

Over the last several years, behavioural assessment has become a widely used tool in human resource management. In fact, 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies employ this tool while hiring new employees. Its widespread use is attributable to the fact that the information it yields is invaluable in predicting workplace behaviour, individual potential of each worker and communication strategies to use. These insights are very essential in the formulation of team and leadership building, capacity development, conflict resolution and succession strategies for the entire organization.

Planning bring a clear framework for the decision making process in the organization. Plans unify staff members by providing directions to be followed for the realization of the objectives of the company.  Indeed, it provides a framework which bounds all staff in making day to day operational decision with appreciation that their decisions should move the organization towards its objectives (Leoplold et al, 2005). Also, planning can be seen as a source of understanding. By laying down reliable plans, companies benefit as employees get to understand the desired duties and why they are important.

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Another advantage of planning is that it helps in ensuring effective use of company resources. Budgeting as a form planning is quite important in the realization of sustainable economic development in an organization. Through planning, an organization is able to quantify the number of resources available and the expected output, a very important component in business control management. This also enables a company to measure progress through stetting success measures.

However, planning has the disadvantage that predicting the future is never that easy. Therefore, in the event that the future does not unfold as anticipated, then the company is bound to sustain huge losses. Just to be stated here is that planning is seen as an investment for the future of the company. Still, planning can be expensive to an organization particularly when poorly done. A good planning must consistent with the immediate needs of the organization with adequate consideration of associated costs and benefits. Any failure a long this line makes planning a major threat to the economic stability of the organization.

Another disadvantage is that planning is usually aimed at long term benefits for the organization. Such a mentality can lead to compromising of the immediate requirements of the company, a move that risks the downfall of the company. Also, it can be seen as a potential impediment to flexibility in the running of the organization to evade eminent risks. With strong attachment to plans, changes are no doubt a long process thus compromising fast responsive to crisis in the company.

There are several challenges related to compensation of employees from foreign countries. The first challenge is the fact that salary levels tend to differ for the same type of job being done by people from different labour pools in terms of nationality. Therefore, there is a great challenge as far as compensation is concerned since the labour policies of both the home country and the subsidiary country have to be considered (Gravenhorst, 2003). The different types of employee compensation that exist also pose an additional challenge to the compensation process. These include the foreign commercial general liability compensation, the foreign commercial automobile liability and the foreign workers compensation and employer’s liability. The methods of coping with these challenges vary from one international organization to another.

As already now established, human resource management for international organizations is a complex process that requires a complete rethinking of the different human resource management theories that exist. Furthermore, some of the principles and models that are applied change very often since foreign policies do not all change at the same pace. This means that international human resource is not only a highly dynamic undertaking, but one that may either lead to the success or collapse of a global enterprise. Furthermore, an understanding of various foreign policies and how to make them congruent with company policy is an extra knowledge that every human resource manager should have before embarking on the process (Harris et al, 2004). It should be noted that in the case of international human resource recruitment, mere proficiency in the job is the least of the qualifications to consider. The differences in various countries magnify some of the challenges to be overcome which necessitates a rethinking of the whole human resource management process.

Knowledge sharing is very important concept in human resource management since this industry is a knowledge-based industry. Regardless of the size of the project, each project in the organization is operated basing on ideas as well as knowledge from a number sources. The companies in the business industry have been carrying out the management of knowledge in an informal way but the current challenges that this industry is encountering imply that many of these companies are supposed to employ an approach to knowledge that is structured in a better way. Managers of various firms need to make use of the social networks as a means to facilitate knowledge sharing in the organization. They need to encourage group discussions and videotaping. They should give proper guidelines of how to effectively use the social networks to the employees to avoid problems that may come up as result of wrong use of the social networks in the organizations.

Buy custom Crisis in the Company essay

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