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Human Rresource Management

Buy custom Human Rresource Management essay

Buy custom Human Rresource Management essay

Human resource management is one of the most crucial practices in any organization. It is by ensuring a highly productive workforce that a company is assured of gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace. It should however be understood that globalization has eminently influenced our human resource management practices. Given the fact that our human community is evidently becoming a global village, it is the ultimate task of each and every human resource manager to be highly accommodative of the many variant communities on the globe (Leopold et al, 2005). It has now become the trend for many to conveniently engage their workers not only on work related activities but on matters of social and family concerns. With concerns of our modern civilization and globalization as witnessed in the society, it is in accordance with human rights that human resource should be treated with utmost respect. It is nevertheless worth noting that human resource has over the past few decades gained much importance to organizations. It has evidently become clear that the ultimate success of any organization is solely based on the human factor. It is this that influences the efficient utilization of resources in the organization.

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This paper is written as a discussion on the influence of globalization on human resource. The athor in particular talks about the importance of human resource in our modern economic setting (Mabey et al, 1998). A discussion on the influence of the competitive nature of the global market on human resource is also given.

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Human resource can be simply defined as the human factor in any organization. It is this resource which is greatly responsible for the production and effective utilization of other resources in an organization. Human resource is typically the recognition and organization of skilled, talented and engaged people in an organization all of which are tailored towards the organizations success. The concept mainly involves the consideration of the human factor in an industrial setting as the greatest factor of production. It is owing to the diversity at workplace that human resource management has gained much importance to organizations. Respect for the many varied cultures and human personalities of employees are quite crucial for realizing a sustainable global customer base (Mendenhall et al, 1987). Such involves the hiring, firing and sustaining of highly reliable workforce in an organization.

Customer engagement is of much value to an organization than any other factor. It is only by ensuring a large consumer base that a company is assured of its long term survival in the market. Still tto be noted here is the fact that it is only the human resource factor in any organization that is responsible for ensuring a strong consumer base for the organization. The employees are not only responsible for the production in an organization but also for upholding the reputation of the organization (Nakiye et al, 1995). It should be noted that in our highly integrated global society, it is as easy to influence the market as it is to compromise an organizations competitive position in the market.

Open or free market as is practiced in our global society is greatly dependent on an organizations ability to sustain its costumers. Just to be noted is the fact that consumers are high loyal to companies and their products depending on their reputation and quality of good and services. Therefore, with globalization and its notion of free market, organizations have to strive to always safeguard their reputation in the general public. It should be noted that traditional business practices were marked with much immunity and trade protection for companies. This meant that less was of choice by customers as monopoly was the practice for many companies (Neal, 2010). However, nowadays, companies have to sufficiently utilize it human resources to ensure sustainability of its reputation, a factor to sustaining its marketplace competitive advantage.

Buy custom Human Rresource Management essay

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