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Point Deming

Buy custom Point Deming essay

Buy custom Point Deming essay

The organization in question has a clearly outlined mission statement and organizational goals and objectives. The mission statement and the organization’s objectives are well displayed visibly all through the organization therefore all employees are constantly aware of them. The management through the balanced score card system have shown that they are totally commitment to the organization’s mission statement. The management’s commitment to this mission statement is also brought out through daily actions and work culture such as giving the organization’s customers the priority.

As much as it is important to learn new philosophy, it has not come easy especially to those employees that are not in the management level. New work systems have met apathy and even resistance from some employees who feel that learning is not important. The management albeit is so enthusiastic about new learnings as shown by the eagerness to implement new ways of working such as job rotation and incorporation of education and training in the work place

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The purpose of inspection as a tool for improvement of processes and cost reduction has been made clear to each and every employee in this organization right from senior management to the lowest cadre of employees. This is constantly being achieved through trainings and practical demonstrations on the purpose of inspection and how inspections can be done.  An example is the training on the routine inspection of equipment so as to detect anomalies before they deteriorate into breakdowns hence reducing downtime costs. 

Using price tag as the only reason for awarding business is very common in the organization and this is one practice that is not going to easily fade away. This is partly driven by the pressure to bring in the numbers in terms of revenues and also one of the most important organizational goal which is to maximize profit. This is an area which this organization is performing very poorly in as the main aim is profitability.

Production and service delivery is being constantly improved through the provision of opportunities for education and training of all empoyees and also through encouragement of innovation at the work place. Suggestions on new and easier ways of doing work that can lead to improvements and constantly being sought from each and every employee towards this end. The ownership that accrues from in-house developed solutions also contributes greatly towards the constant improvement of production and service delivery.

This employer is actively cultivating leadership in employees by providing fair chances to each one to showcase their leadership skills and encouraging those who are willing to be leaders. Incentives that are provided for those that are talented in terms of leadership is a really working towards this end. One of these incentives is merit based promotions. This means that those who demonstrate exceptional leadership abilities practically at the work place and with results move up the organization ladder.

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Achieving trust in any organization is not an easy affair. This employer has fostered an environment of trust by maintaining an open door policy in all the company offices from the very top to the bottom of the organization hierarchy. Anyone can walk into any office at any time of the day to make known their ideas or grievances. Impartial and externally administered anonymous surveys and engagement activities are also used to eliminate fear and foster trust an innovation in employees.

Mission directed teams and work group are the main avenues through which the organization achieves high performance. Teamwork is highly regarded in this organization and teams for specific purposes are constituted from time to time. The good results that are present in the organization can directly be attributed to this methodology of teams and the organization can impress even the most staunch lone ranger as to the importance and effectiveness of teams in achieving its goals.

The employees in this organization are allowed to make their own decisions and to assist their direct reports in setting of their own targets hence there is a complete elimination of   exhortations in this company. There are no edicts passed down from top echelons with subordinates expected to follow without question. This is an open organization where everyone is responsible for their own performance and results. Likewise, everyone is expected to take responsibility for their mistakes.

An area that the organization has not done well is the Elimination of numerical quotas as most of the objectives and goals are quantified in terms of numbers that have to be delivered by employees. Quotas consider only numbers but not the quality or methods of work.  Employees will in such situations do everything necessary to meet set quotas resulting in inefficiencies and poor workmanship. This will be due to the fear of job loss in case of unmet targets.

Most of the barriers to taking pride in workmanship have been completely eliminated. Some of the ways this has been done is the removal of the job function of supervisors and giving all non management level employees the authority to make quick decisions concerning their jobs without seeking clearance.  This allows for job ownership fast reaction times in the ever dynamic work environment. The organization also strives to ensure that all necessary equipment needed to perform jobs are always available.

Education for Both management and the work force is a mandatory pillar that has been instituted in the organization and all necessary skills are continually upgraded within all job functions. Each job function is analyzed critically to establish the required skills then each employee is evaluated so as to determine the skills gap. Appropriate training plans are then rolled out to close these skills gap in each of the job functions without discrimination. Furthermore, these training programs are carried out on a regular basis.  

Deming point fourteen is not yet adequately catered for in this particular organization as not all managers are involved in or receptive of transformation in the organization. This is mostly due to the fear of redundancy especially in top management positions. There is also no specific structure and plan to institute organizational transformation and any activity related to transformation in this company is purely on individual basis. This is not exactly in line with the Deming 14 point philosophy.

Buy custom Point Deming essay

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