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SME Internationalization

Buy custom SME Internationalization essay

Buy custom SME Internationalization essay

The key findings of the study indicated that the reforms in SME internationalization would precisely be more multidimensional than it is the case espoused within the market. The level of reforms within the market is also established as varying because of internationalization with firms experiencing different types of change while others experienced reforms which were closely intertwined (Niina, Sharon & Jim 2006, p. 562 – 583). The findings from the case analysis indicated that all companies exhibited varying degrees of radical change in their business idea. The companies also reveal as changing processes and direction from time to time which is forced by respective market forces within the global field.

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Findings from the case also reveal that small firms take diverse routes when it comes to handling internationalization and the level of change. The main reason for the diverse routes is the varying levels of internationalization (Niina, Sharon & Jim 2006, p. 562 – 583). The cases also reveal that the framework used for this study is practically a well-functioning tool that would be used to analyze such changes, because not only the external and internal changes, but also the business idea role was evident among the companies.

The paper also establishes the complexity of the concept which is demonstrated through the fact that the reforms in the diverse dimensions arenot connected, but they are context dependent (Niina, Sharon & Jim 2006, p. 562 – 583). It is established that the resultant feature is substantial managerial challenges because it complicates the evidence of weak signals from the diverse environment and therefore, the prediction of future changes. The multidimensionality identified from the study also presents extensive requirements for further research, as operationalisation has to be managed carefully. It has also been identified that explicit definition is critical for the research if comparable and reliable results are to be derived.

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Clear evidence also was apparent from the case companies that the diverse types of change are intertwined and linked with each other. For instance, it was identified that venture capital funding drives personnel changes and in turn facilitates more internationalization activities. The case companies were revealed as illustrating a “domino effect” regarding the change in SME internationalization (Niina, Sharon & Jim 2006, p. 562 – 583). Theoretically, it is observable that the case companies indicate diverse change levels, an additionally, there are a number of sources identified as triggering the change. It was rather surprising that the firms under study revealed that, at some point, the internationalization was not connected with the reforms happening within the sector. The case also argues that internationalization per se does not alwways count as the change motivator, but there are other continuance entities that provoke change. Some of the changes were driven by environmental factors and industry level factors. A connection between strategic decision making and reforms within the firm were highly observable in the study.

However, there are identified limitations of the study which makes it a challenge to provide justification of the findings. This study is described as an exploratory type with the findings based on at least three cases. On this note, the results of the study can only be taken to be tentative and requiring more research because there are other types of companies experiencing diverse change effects (Niina, Sharon & Jim 2006, p. 562 – 583). The results of only three companies as espoused from the study cannot be generalized to present the case of the global trend in company international expansion. Another momentous limitation identified from the study is the retrospective nature of the design used for this research. The design is established as challenging which particularly puts more weight on memory and ability of the respondents in an effort to identify change. The memory of the respondents might be poor and cannot be relied upon wholesomely to provide valid data for the study (Niina, Sharon & Jim 2006, p. 562 – 583). Therefore, it is quite a challenge to rely on the information provided and use it in generating the appropriate findings.

Buy custom SME Internationalization essay

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