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The Air We Breath

Buy custom The Air We Breath essay

Buy custom The Air We Breath essay

The air we breathe is a mystery to the entire family of living creatures. We can neither see nor touch it, but we can certainly feel it. Living creatures all over planet earth depend on air for their survival. From human beings, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, to insects all require air in order to remain alive. The mystery of air is unmatched in all spheres. We even wonder if inanimate object may require air. By this, I mean stones, metals, and other non living things. This is in the light of cars, electrical gadgets which need sufficient air in order to function well. This further sinks us into a further abyss of confusion about the enigmatic nature of nature as a whole. This essay, therefore, tries to dig deep into this mystery. However, to say we will gain an in depth and conclusive understanding of the subject at hand will be a lie.

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The air we live in seems readily available to everyone. Most people take it for granted, but wait until itsavailability is not guaranteed, for instance, when oxygen is limited, and there is air unfit for inhalation, that is when one realizes its importance. The scarcity of everything which was available earlier makes people appreciate it more. The same case applies to air.

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Every minute, thousands of gallons of air pass through the lungs of each living creature. Nevertheless, the freshness of this air has been tampered with, more so by the emergence of technology which is becoming more and more destructive to health. Technology brought about by wealth is increasingly causing irreparable damage to the air. The wealthy, on the other hand, are busy in activities which pollute it, instead of strive to provide fresh oxygen use mixture which would bring animation to our hearts. The question of whether the expensive, troublesome, and horse and cart mode of purifying the air is necessary is worth an answer. The answer seems to be a fat no. Everybody present knows that, outside the shatters and glass plaate, we live in exist overwhelming supply of pure air. The law of nature seems to have been ordained to ensure that there is supply of air for living creatures, indeed so immense the supply of air is such that it will not deplete. Just like manner from heaven, nature seems to provide the precious commodity.

The ever growing and laboring populace, however, has brought detrimental effects to the element. Even in the most salubrious settlements, where the air has hitherto been always pure and exhilarating, pollution has invaded. The moment the virgin earth is invaded by human beings, then it looses its virginity. The wretched of the earth continue to spoil the air, making it unpleasant for inhaling.

In conclusion, air that we live in as we have seen is a precious commodity. Although it is available in surplus, it is an element which ought not to be polluted anyhow. Air though still remains an enigma to us. Air which is part of nature is truly amazing.

Buy custom The Air We Breath essay

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