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Systems of Psychology

Buy custom Systems of Psychology essay

Buy custom Systems of Psychology essay

The artificial intelligence is incredibly fascinating topic that with current technological advancements can never lose its relevance. On the contrary, more and more people become fascinated with this topic and attempt to make their contributions into the development of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is basically a set of very well developed intricate logical algorithms and programmed values. As any program, it should work ideally, which means that it will always have the same choices in the same situations. Whereas human intelligence and logic is naturally flawed and imperfect, comparing to the artificial mind, so flawless and precise.

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Artificially created mind can never reach the same level. The uniqueness of every person, their perception on the world, what makes them smile and cry, what makes them fall in love- is what makes us human. These factors will be very hard if not impossible to replicate artificially as they can never be predicted.  Certain piece of music will give goose bumps to a person and leave the other one indifferent; it will be quite hard to program that. The emotions we have, they separate us from other living creatures on the planet earth, are impossible to replicate, as their origin is  unique in every aspect. No one so far was able to explain how people fall in love. So if they don’t know the mechanics behind it, how will they teach it to the machine?

To conclude, I would like to say that if the artificial intelligence is ever going to reach the same development as average human brain it needs a lot of work. Much more studies and discoveries need to be made not only in the artificial intelligence, but also in human psychology. Since, in order to  make full replica of human intelligence the scientists need to have a great idea on what they are recreating, as the  human brain today still remains a mystery.

Buy custom Systems of Psychology essay

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