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Men and Women

Buy custom Men and Women essay

Buy custom Men and Women essay

There exists a thought that men and women think differently when it comes to ethics. In my opinion, it is a true statement. In most cases, women appear more ethical compared to men. However, this is not simply because of their female nature but because women have a certain ethical view, which is instilled in them by culture. Very often, women’s backgrounds clearly define their roles and attitudes towards the surrounding world. They have much more responsibilities before their families and the loved ones compared to men. Despite the fact that there are many restrictions concerning women’s roles in the society, they have many ethical requirements. In other words, they have to behave  in a right manner. Therefore, this requirement eventually shapes their perspective on different ethical issues.

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The fact that the society expects women to behave appropriately explains why women are usually more ethical than men. A good example is that going out at night, drinking, smoking and leading a riotous life is a normal thing among men. However, when a woman behaves in the same manner, it is considered extremely unacceptable. Based on this example, it can be concluded that women and men have different views on ethics.

It should be mentioned that during the period of growing up, the men’s mindset about ethics is formed as well. However, it is quite different from that of women. The boys usually follow the examples of their elder brother or other relatives and see that their wrong behavior is in most cases left unpunished. A huge number of men think that doing some unethical things is normal. In most cases, being rebellious, violent, uncaring and sometimes exceedingly disobedient is their lifestyle. Therefore, it is obvious that men and women think differently about ethics.

Buy custom Men and Women essay

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