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Advice on Writing the Best Essays on Friends

Writing the Best Essays on Friends

We are humans, and we are quite social creatures, so we make friends with each other. One day, you may be required to write an essay on the topic of friendship, but you may find yourself being confused with what to start and what to say? Probably everything seems so obvious that it is not worth writing about. It is certainly true, but each individual has a personal insight into the concept of friendship; it is so because of personal experiences. So, when writing, you should apply your own experience, and by that, we mean not only how you really feel about friendship, but what you know about friendship in general and what your opinion about it is. Quite a lot to do, eh? So, here are some tips that will help:

  • Make sure you have provided a good thesis statement. It is the sentence in the end of the first paragraph of your introduction (which is the first paragraph of the entire essay!) that reflects the main idea of the whole paper. It must be distinct and relevant to the topic, which you are discussing.
  • Provide a variety of definitions of ‘friendship’, starting with the scientific terms and proceeding to the sayings of well-known authors or philosophers. That will create the needed background for the further discussion.
  • Provide descriptions and explanations of what you feel and think about friendship. What would you accept as a friendship? What is the extent of a friendship? Are there any limits in it? What kind of person would you call your friend?
  • Always be specific in your descriptions. Friendship is a concept, about which we can speculate for long hours, so limit yourself to a number of ideas you consider necessary to say first of all.
  • Provide a catchy conclusion. It is the last chance to say something to your audience, so summarize everything you’ve said before and prove your main statement once again.

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