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Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Being a part of two basic types of admissions essays (the other one is a structured question), a personal statement is aimed to be used mostly as an element of an application to residencies, graduate programs, medical and law schools. It is recommended not to overstep the limit of words, as the standard length of college and university personal statement essays is from 500 to 1000 words.

The main goal of writing this very type of essay is to present an overall view of the applicants. The writings like these ones are definitely of a great help for a lot of academic institutions and companies, as these writings appear to be a great source of additional information about an applicant.

Steps for Writing a Good Personal Statement for College

The significance of college personal statement essays shouldn’t be undervalued as this type of essay plays an important role in understanding the character of the applicants and their reasons for applying to the university or college. The suggested steps given below will be definitely useful for you if you do want to cope with this writing task much easier.

Ensure You Have enough Time; There Is no Place to Rush

To organize your work properly and avoid chasing for the deadline, make sure there is no need to hurry. Mind that writing a good personal statement for college might take you even more than a couple of days.

Be Sincere when Describing Yourself

The key point is to be yourself and describe all your best sides and strengths, one important thing to bear in mind not to pretend to be someone else. If you are confident and show your own self-confidence properly, as well as your skills, you leave the audience no doubts about them. Good when something that has influenced you greatly is also mentioned, describe everything and the committee will be impressed by your sincere and touching story.

Choose the most Appropriate Words

You should sound professional even if English isn’t your mother tongue. Feel free to use programs that are of a great help when you need to find appropriate words, synonyms, or translations. While trying to make your paper sound impressive, be aware of using too many adverbs and adjectives, as they will make your essay hardly readable.

Highlight Your Uniqueness

While writing your personal statement for university, you need to show that you are special and different. Get particular attention to the things that have changed your character enormously and make you special. Undoubtedly, every person is different, we do differ, and that’s the reason why this thing appears to be not so easy to describe. But it goes more about self-exploration, some qualities that you’ve noticed to have, but the others don’t owe. In case you find it difficult to find these features that makes you different from others, ask your friends what they consider to be unique when it goes about you.

Carefully Follow the Requirements

You should stick to the directions and write everything you want on one page, otherwise, when you don’t follow the directions, your paper might be simply ignored. By sticking to the word limit, you are showing your attentiveness and ability to follow the requirements.

Stay out of the Clichés

Stay away from all those beautifully composed word phrases and statements; the admissions officers already know them, even more, they’ve learned them by heart. It’s highly recommended to substitute often-repeated phrases with simple but original thoughts.

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