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Pros and Cons of Human Cloning

Pros and Cons of Human Cloning

If you have been assigned to write an essay on the ethical issues surrounding human cloning or on the advantages and disadvantages of this issue, you may be really challenged. Many students find it difficult and time-consuming to cope with such kinds of assignments due to numerous reasons, namely, the lack of sufficient knowledge on the topic, the lack of ideas, or the lack of creativity. Whatever the case is, we recommend you read the following article that will enrich you with ideas and strategies on how to write a human cloning essay.

First of all, you need to realize that the topic on human cloning is even more controversial than the topic of animal cloning. Be ready that you will have to narrow it down and focus on specific aspects you would like to contemplate. Do not strive to cover everything in a few pages of essay. Second, take into consideration your target audience (target readers). If they are proponents of this topic, you can definitely focus on discussing pros first and foremost. On the contrary, if you need to present the essay to people who claim that cloning is a sin or is completely unacceptable, you need to either focus on the cons of cloning or, if you are risky enough and think of cloning as of a good thing, try to support your arguments with really solid evidence.

When working on such a controversial topic, make sure you conduct thorough and in-depth research. You need to provide ample supporting evidence to prove your point. Examples (especially real ones that are based on research) are encouraged. According to the recent sources, there has been an increase in the number of proponents of human cloning. However, there are also opponents, who claim that people are interfering in the divine order of things. As such, you need to be careful with the discussion of this issue.

Ideas for an Essay on Human Cloning

Benefits of Cloning

  • It will give a chance to eradicate defects in the human genome;
  • It will help to fight some genetic diseases;
  • Cloning could lead to the creation of more resilient people, thus making the human population stronger and healthier;
  • With the help of cloning, people could recover more effectively from serious injuries and traumas;
  • The infertility problem could be tackled;
  • Organ transplantation could become much easier.

Disadvantages of Human Cloning

  • Human cloning may result in fast aging of cells and human organisms on the whole;
  • Human cloning could lead to hostility among people and the division into the cloned group of people and people born in a natural way;
  • Human contradicts ethical and moral rules and is against the biblical norms;
  • Cloning could be used to exploit the human population in the future;
  • Cloned people could be used for some dangerous experiments;

On the whole, whatever standpoint you take, you need to be able to support your position and provide persuasive evidence.

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