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Breaking Bad Habits

Breaking Bad Habits

Every person has some kind of a bad habit. Some of us have more bad habits than our friends do, and some habits are significantly more destructive than the other ones. Rarely do we realize that our habits eventually harm our health, relationships, and even families. We should stop these preposterous and selfish actions for our own benefit. Here are three basic steps to break bad habits.

Identifying a Bad Habit

First of all, you have to identify a bad habit. If it is unknown, ask your friends or family members to help to expose it. Ensure they are honest with you. Do not be defensive when they share their points of view. Maybe your loved ones noticed that habit long ago and were just waiting to tell you about it. Often, these habits are the most difficult things to discuss as they greatly affect family, while pride stands in the way.

Before deciding to break a bad habit, a person should find a strong personal motive for changes. You have to realize that removing those unwanted habits will not just change your life, but also it may cause more unwanted habits to emerge. If you think positive and are honest and open, it is great support in breaking bad habits. Make a list of simple alternative healthy habits, which you can have instead of the bad ones.

Finding Reasons to Break Bad Habits and Getting Support

Create a list of reasons why it is better to quit bad habits. Write down just positive thoughts. Start with the most pleasant and powerful ones and end with the least important. Make connections between replacing bad behavior with good one and the rewards you and your loved ones will get after you do it.

For example, if your goal is to lose weight, you can imagine being slim and looking awesome in new fashions. If you are struggling with smoking, imagine your girlfriend or boyfriend actually kissing you instead of sending you to brush your teeth.

If you face troubles in your path, then find some support or good advice on kicking this habit in books, magazines or the internet from people who have already done it. You can also join some support group or even go to church and get strength from higher power.

Choosing the New Behavior and Being Persistent

It is naturally that many of us have setbacks in our attempts to remove unwanted habits. So, even if you face difficulties with your attempts to quit, do not give up. You have to pick up new good behavior and continue. Often, new habits feel like long difficult roads to success, but they are worth it! Besides, share your goals with friends or family members so that you have more motivation to continue.

Do not postpone your goal for several more weeks! Start doing it right now. Never give up despite all the obstacles, and keep the fight going. There will be times when failures happens. Then, just say to yourself, “There are times when you win and there are times when you learn.” Concentrate on every small task, get a small victory, and plan a huge celebration when you finally break that bad habit.

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