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Raising Brilliant Kids

Raising Brilliant Kids

Every parent wants to provide his/her child with everything and dreams of successful future for its precious one. However, it is not only a simple desire; it should be a top priority for every parent to help his/her child to assimilate in the surrounding world. Certainly, raising a child can be a complex and time-consuming task since it requires a lot of efforts and patience. Every parent should make a choice – to be more quiet and understanding or demanding and strict. A good parent should take care of his/her child’s school performance and attitude to life. If you want to bring up a genius, you need to learn a few important things.

What Science Says about Raising Brilliant Children

Undoubtedly, it would be great to have some manual with the rules, which could help to raise a brilliant child. However, unfortunately, there are no universal manuals since every child is unique and special. Every child has some specific features, strengths, and weaknesses, which should be taken into consideration. Some professors firmly believe that the science can become the tool, which can help to transform an ordinary child into a genius. Roberta Golinkoff and Kathy Hirsh-Pasek presented a book Becoming Brilliant: What Science Tells Us about Raising Successful Children. In this book, the researchers provide parents with the effective and practical tips aimed at raising their children. In this book, they claim that in the age of emerging technologies, computers can give children more knowledge than people can do. Essentially, they consider that the definition of success should also be modified or changed. Thus, according to the professors, a successful child is a child who can easily come to a mutual understanding with his/her peers and become a significant member of the community.

All parents take care of the future of their children, but they do not realize that the success of the child does not depend on the grades or results of the tests. Therefore, they should not concentrate on the academic performance of the child. It is more imperative to explain to the child what is good and what is bad, the importance of moral values in human life, and how it is important to overcome the challenges transforming them into the useful lessons.

The Essential Steps Aimed at Raising a Successful Child

  • Explain the importance of communication. The child should understand that the effective communication can open many doors.
  • Teach him/her that critical thinking is an extremely important approach in any work. It is necessary to be able to evaluate some idea or activity critically to avoid mistakes and failures.
  • Teach your child how to be creative. It is great to follow the examples of successful people, but what is more incredible – be original and extraordinary.

The ironical aspect of raising the child implies the fact that parents should study as well. They should realize that the world is not static, and it is constantly developing. Thus, if they want to be helpful for their children, they should teach their children not to be afraid of learning about the new trends and tendencies.

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