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Essay about Yourself

Describe Yourself Essay

Whether you are applying to a college or university, it is likely that you will be asked to write an essay describing yourself. Such kind of essays is also often required for applications to extracurricular programs and particular kinds of employment. So, what should you start with? How to begin? Should you talk about your strengths or weaknesses as well?

Write a Plan

You will require some kind of preliminary notes when starting to work on your essay. Before you begin your writing, take some time to write down main ideas. You do not have to include everything you write here in your final paper; this is a kind of brainstorming exercise, which will provide you with the material to work with.

Choose a Format

Many institutions provide students with details and requirements for composing essays. If you do not have such instructions, you can always go with a standard five-paragraph essay, which includes an introductive paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a conclusive paragraph.

Open Strong

Whether or not you can give your essay a title, you will probably want your first sentence to catch the reader’s attention. You can mention something that your friends or relatives say about you, refer to a quote you like, or just make a joke which will show your personality.

Do not Be Negative

Sometimes it is worth mentioning about your personal weaknesses or rough times, but some things are better left unsaid. For instance, battle with a serious mental illness is probably not that kind of thing you would like to talk about in your paper. Try to use negative features or events to highlight your strengths. For example, if your father abandoned your family and you were forced to become a caretaker to your sister, you can show this experience made you more responsible. But it is much better to concentrate on the outcome than the bad experience itself. Turning negative experiences into positive results may require good writing skills.

Compose it Wisely

You can arrange your writing in several ways. You can write each of the body paragraphs about your most important values, goals or memories. Or you can devote one of them to describe your physical appearance, one to describe your character, and one more to describe your social position. However, the construction of your paper may be part of the assignment, so make sure you follow all the received instructions.

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