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Taking a Closer Look on 4 Popular Online Writing Job Boards

4 Popular Online Writing Job Boards

Finding your own customers and working with your personal client base is much better than applying for job ads that make you compete with hundreds of other writers.
However, if you still don’t have your own client base and checking job ads is a necessary process that you’re going through regularly. Here’s some useful information about top 4 job boards:


Price of listing: $30 for 30 days
Average rates: $35-40 per hour and $0.06-$0.62 per word

BloggingPro is a very interesting option because it has reliable job ads. If BloggingPro administration receives a negative feedback on the employer, they investigate the problem and if the employer has proved to be guilty, his ads are removed. The jobs are focused on copywriting, blogging, and writing. Part-time gigs, contract and freelance job opportunities are available. Every listing has a contact e-mail and a link to the original posting. The most popular opportunities include copywriting, content writer, tech writer, social media, blogger/writer, journalist, restaurant critic, and editing/proofreading. The common topics include books, healthcare, food, firearms, travel, and business.

Freelance Job and

Price of view and listing: free
Average rates: $16-60/hour and $0.06/word-$0.36 per word

These websites provide home-based, freelance, telecommute, remote, contract, offsite, and virtual jobs. According to the statistics, the most popular jobs on these resources are SEO/content writing, commercial copywriting, crafting web pages, emails, and other marketing materials.

The common job listings are for blogging, magazine writing, freelance writing, SEO writing, technical writing, copywriting, and resume writing. The most widespread topics are travel, sports, fashion, real estate, automobiles, and food. Some jobs don’t have the rate because it should be negotiated between client and writer.


Price of view: $500-$1000/year
Average rates: $0.04-$1.35/word (you can make an average of $70,000/year if you work full-time)

This one costs a lot but also has a lot to offer. First, you should pay a high fee and wait to receive an invitation to join. When you are added to the system, you will be able to search for different job opportunities using an intelligent filter.

According to the founder of Contena Kevin Fleming, remote, full-time writing positions bring on average $70,000 yearly income.
All listings are found by the staff of Contena. Popular job requests include email marketing, copywriter, web content writer, editor, journalist, content creator, and medical writer. The most prevailing topics include food, social media, travel, accounting, business, architecture, education, and finance.


Price of view: free
Average rates: $25-$150 per article, $20-$25/hour

This is an excellent job board if you’re looking for some editorial writing opportunities. A considerable amount of the well-known newsstand magazines have their ads posted on Ed2010.
Ed2010 has freelance, temporary, part-time, full-time, and internship opportunities. The most offered jobs are remote.
The most popular positions are content editor or content writer for lifestyle online media outlets and editorial writing gigs at the newsstand magazines.

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