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I Have a Dream

Buy custom I Have a Dream essay

Buy custom I Have a Dream essay

“I Have a Dream” is the title of the most famous speech by Martin Luther King who enlightened the world with his vision of the future with equal rights for all. L. King did not only raise the issue of social justice and integrated society, but he also addressed the problem of legacy of declarations, like the Emancipation Proclamation that did not stop racism against Afro-American population of the United States after it was signed. Martin King called for equality in the rights for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, regardless of the skin color or origin. He called for struggle in a fair and noble way while describing future of his dream where harmony persists within social relations and behavior.

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To begin with the problem of equal civil rights for Afro-American population, I want to stress that 1950s and 1960s were not the most democratic years in American history as society was strictly divided in terms of skin color. “Black” population was deprived of access to good education, employmnt, and social respect in comparison to their “white-skin” co-citizens.

I truly believe that people cannot be judged according to their appearance, language, or place of origin, and humanity should pay more attention to personal qualities, unique character, and people’s contribution to the world culture through various forms of culture, art, and literature.

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I want to note herein that racial discrimination is still the case in many places around the globe. Former US President Kennedy in 1964 stated that the nation, for all its hopes and all its boasts, would not be fully free until all its citizens were free. I agree with this statement because it is undeniable that when an individual participates in a state-building process where there is transparency between all main elements of the system, every citizen thus resembles the model of his/her country.

Even though the struggle for freedom is bitter and called for all around the world, the violence should not take plaace today. Non-violent means of struggle should resist any physical force that one might want to apply (Martin Luther King). I reckon that people should built-up their minds and hearts and give up weapons and intolerant behaviors against minorities. We must remain people of value.

Gandhi taught to object violence because its good effect is only temporary, whereas the evil it does is permanent. There is the pouring truth in his words because only bad things can be done quickly, unfairly, and forcefully. Who needs such a result indeed? There is a place only for one way in this changing world – way of love, patience, and eagerness because hearts do not know limits of love and serenity.

It has been fifty full years since “I have a dream “ by Martin Luther King and even now, this one of the most memorable speeches regards us that there is nothing more important than everyone's rights, freedom of all nations and every citizen of the each country, and that from these great ideas the Human begins.

Buy custom I Have a Dream essay

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