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Vision and Mission Analysis

Buy custom Vision and Mission Analysis essay

Buy custom Vision and Mission Analysis essay

Each organization that was founded in our world has its own mission. When we start thinking over this question we should remember that this very mission is closely related to the psychology. We must not only find out our target, but also what makes us strive to these thoughts. Organizations have purposes that are driving them to the future, but very often people do not know that it really exists. This is why it is very important to find out what vision and mission statements mean and what is the connection between them and our business.

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Mission statements always reflect any values and goals of an organization. Before we start any work we make a decision whether we do this or not. It means that when customers or an employees put their attention to these statements they will find out about the particular company’s beliefs. There is a direct contact between mission statements and the leadership of a company.  Each mission statement includes a lot of factors that can vary in relation to the company’s needs. The very common are the follows: in particular industry where the company works, its value chain (more deep orientation), geographical position, products and services that are rendered by the company. Sometimes companies express their thoughts and personal beliefs.

Vision statements are those stimuli that make our goals more desired and necessary. In other words, mission statement shows the direct object and the way we can get it. Vision statement explains why we need it.  Vision statement should contain the company’s critical concept. It contains very important things in its structure: it motivates the employers to work better and to achieve better results, it is not a dream but the real understanding of company’s possibility to do it 

While making these statements, the company should avoid some things that make the vision and mission statements ineffective. To begin with, it is wrong to use jargon in them. It is because such words could be unknown to people. Moreover, it is wrong to focus only on internal goals and benefits. It will be more useful and effective to point out measures that can orient on the outside world and communities.

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Vision and Mission Statements of Intermountain Healthcare

Intermountain Healthcare is a very popular establishment that is internationally renowned. It works in the sphere of medicine and has a lot of sophisticated working people whose aim is to constantly raise an experience level in order to make more and more people command the organization’s services. It has being existing for a long period of time and the many years’ experience has helped it to establish itself as a leader on the global market. This success in work is the result of a well thought-out mission. The organization’s mission statement is the following: to be an excellent and unbeatable render of healthcare services in its region - Intermountain. Its vision statement is to be constantly learning something new in its sphere in order to become the best of breed.

According to the mission statement, we can see that it contains a very important thing – the sphere of business where the company works. It is healthcare. This is not a multi-SBU organization, that is why only one working sphere is mentioned. The point of industrial value chain is also noticeable here – Intermountain Healthcare is a “render of healthcare services” and it means that the company has a very strict targeting. It proovides people with services and sells them. The business offers that services that can improve people’s health make it much better and even cure of various diseases. The geographical areas are mentioned in the mission statement – the organization renders services in the particular region – Intermountain, and it cannot be useful in the distance. Its segment is also clear – the services are orientated on clients but not on the market in general.

The Intermountain Healthcare’s mission statement gives the clients comprehensive information as for its sector of employment and the type of rendered services.  It is short and informative, is memorable, and, the most important thing, it highlights the company’s goal. It is more pragmatic than the vision statement. Some points, such as technologies or distribution channel, are skipped but, in my personal opinion, they are not necessary. I am convinced that such mission statement will bring the company success and further development.

The International Healthcare’s vision statement gives the clients the possibility to understand that the company itself does its best in order to become the best render of such services. It is believed that the fellow workers are good experts and keep under control the working process. Such a choice is good because in association with mission statement it makes the clients refer to this company. It is believed that it is really a very effective organization. 

Vision and mission statements of the Intermountain Healthcare are very important in the company’s strategic planning and plan development as they help the clients understand what services are rendered by this particular company and how the organizational and working process look.

Buy custom Vision and Mission Analysis essay

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