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Building Trust through Leadership

Buy custom Building Trust through Leadership essay

Buy custom Building Trust through Leadership essay

How would you evaluate the leadership skills of the executive in this case study who refused to trust his people?
The case study illustrates a form of leadership that is often mistaken for good leadership. Indeed, the leader illustrates poor leadership qualities. In the case study, the executive applies autocratic style of leadership. His lack of trust among junior employees reveals a form of autocracy that is deeply rooted in his management system. Leadership not only involves supervision but also team building. According to the case study, the executive lacks team-building capacity. Therefore, he needs to work on his supervisory skills as well as his team building capacity. Under the current standards, the executive neither empowers the employees, nor build on his management skills. Furthermore, the organization does not benefit from either of his management practices. If the problem remains unchecked, fear will spread among the employees leading to poor performances. This will affect the company’s production as well as its profits. In a worst-case scenario, mistrust might spread from the executive into the company employees. This will affect the company’s organizational culture and employee relations. Therefore, the executive needs to improve his leadership skills.
What style of leadership do you think is the best suited to building trust between supervisors and employees?
Trust between employees and a supervisor are essential. Ideally, organizations should choose leadership style that promotes the value. According to the scenario, the organization would perform better if its supervisors were participative style of leadership. This style will promote the establishment of trust between supervisors and the employees. Indeed, the style is based on sharing of duties, ideas, and responsibility between workers and their supervisors. In this form of leadership, employees participate in decision-making. However, the style is only applicable in organizations that have concrete code of ethics. In this case, members/ employees are considered mature, responsible, and royal to their organization’s business. Ideally, most employees lack some of the values stated above. In this case, the company should embark in an intensive training program to prepare their employees. Moreover, supervisors need to motivate the employee’s towards the achievement of the company’s goals and vision. This will empower them into taking roles that are more demanding or duties. If implemented, the style will transform the company’s operation and employee’s relations.
Explain how trust building will help solidify followership
Building trust between the employees will break the barrier that currently separates the juniors from their supervisors. This will improve their commitment and attitude towards the company’s administration and business. In addition, the move will improve employee’s satisfaction. Thus, employees will gain a sense of independence in decision making and undertaking of duties. At this level, critical supervision will unnecessary since employees would be responsible for their actions. Moreover, trust eliminates an aspect of fear that characterizes most supervisor-employee relations. This will promote collaboration and consultation between supervisors and employees. Followership is dependent on the quality of relationship between leaders and their followers. High levers of followership will enable the supervisors to delegate team leaders from the workforce. This will prepare the employees to undertake leadership duties in the organization. Thus, trust not only improves employee’s relations, but also enables employees to take leadership positions in the company. This will facilitate decision-making and improve the overall performance of a company. 

Buy custom Building Trust through Leadership essay

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