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Vision and Mission Analysis

Buy custom Vision and Mission Analysis essay

Buy custom Vision and Mission Analysis essay


During the existence of the Mongol Empire a lot of invasions and wars took place. The main idea of the ruling emperors (particularly Khubilian Khan) was to justify the legitimacy of his title as Khan. He proclaimed himself Khubilian Khan and since that period of time the Asian countries were suffered from his power and dictatorship. Among them were China and Korea, Japan was that country who were lucky to avoid the aggressive threat. But, nevertheless, the wish to be the strongest emperors in the world came over Khubilai Khan, and this thing made him to create the strong Mongol Empire and to organize its system in a very smart manner. The existence of such a vast empire is considered to be a very important and huge success in the history of the military sphere. To begin with, its borders stretched from Yellow Sea to the Eastern Europe. During its existence a lot of Asian countries were part of it – China, Korea, Turkey and even Russia. Mongol Empire has not existed too long, it was quickly fell apart because of the fact that it is impossible to take under control so many countries unite.

Mongols who are the ancestors of today’s Tatars are considered to be the most severe nation at those times, as they conquered the huge territories using savage methods. Firstly, they tried to reach consensus with neighbor countries, when they refused to fall under sway, it give the nation opportunity to conquer them. On the other hand, such a tight connection of various nations resulted in the effective trade that was at those times money-making branch of industry. Moreover, people communicated with each other, so they shared their culture and specific traditions. Korean, Armenian and Russian nationalities had contrary ideas and ways of life, various religious commitments. In the Mongol Empire it was allowed to be part of any existing religion in the world, no one

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judged them.

Mongol Empire

The very powerful Mongol Empire was created during the 13th century by a very sophisticated and wisdom leader – Genghis Khan – and since those times he could enlarge it and divide it between his heirsons. In this particular time Mongol Empire was the strongest and the most powerful strength that scared almot every other countries and nations. It took for Genghis Khan only half a century in order to redraw a map of the Asian continent. The Empire had very connected relationships with Korea and China, but Japan stayed aside. This very problem made Mongols either persuade the nation to support their politics or make them do this. It was Khubilai Khan who started this movement.

Khubilai Khan – the most important historical character for Mongol Empire

Khubilai Khan was the first Mongol emperor in the Yuan dynasty, and till nowadays this very dynasty is ruling Mongolia. The example of good reign was China that is why he used political and social models from this country in order to create a unique regime (Rossabi, p. 115). Exactly this wisdom combination of methods gave him an opportunity to create such a strong empire that could master other nations without any hindrance. At the same time he was a tolerance person in comparison with the previous leaders; he allowed the religion diversity on the Empire’s territory and didn’t oblige anyone to believe in his God.

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But he wanted to make a very big and united empire that is why he started conquering the world. China was conquered the first, then – Korea. But it was not enough. The next country was Japan.

Unsuccessful attempt to conquer Japan

The first paces to make Japan fall and become the part of the Great Empire were made during the campaign against Korea. Mongols decided to send a letter first where Khan asked them to “become their friends”. (Turnbull, p. 174) It was also written there that if they had not agreed, the Khan would begin the war against them. Japan had to become a Mongol’s vassal but the Khan’s envoy returned home without any answer.

After serious negotiations with the councilors Khan decided to go to Japan and conquer it with an army. It meant the beginning of war. The first invasion took place in the year 1274. A huge group of junks and boats headed for the country. The history does not know the exact number of them, but it is supposed to be round 800 ships with more than 40,000 men on them. (Turnbull, p. 178) Unfortunately, a heavy storm wrecked the ships and the Mongols met with a rebuff. A lot of soldiers were killed by this natural phenomenonn, and Japan was lucky not to be conquered. The same failure happened during the second attempt to conquer Japan in 1281. The hurricane with storm did not let the Mongols reach the country.

Reasons why Japan was under threat

Khubilai Khan was the person that wanted to become the very important and well-known emperor all over the world. Starting with his first attempts, he quickly reached his goals and created the strong and powerful Mongol Empire. It was the biggest unification of countries at those times and even now is considered to be a breakthrough in the history of Asia and our planet in general. But it was not enough for him. As he proclaimed himself Khan, everybody had to respect him and stand in awe. Japan was the only country that undignified him. As he proposed the government of Japan to resign in a peaceful manner for several times, he had not become any answer, he was totally ignored. This made him be angry. Because of such disrespect he began preparing for invasion.

Khubilai Khan was a representative of the Chinese nation. He had convinced stereotypes in his life and used them in a daily life. But while creating the regime in Mongol Empire he used not only Chinese worldview, but also Korean or even Armenian. It was necessary because one way of life could not unite so many different nationalities and make them communicate with each other. Khubilai Khan was a smart person; he understood that his religion could not satisfy each person who lived on the territory of his Empire. That is why his methods were not severe – each could believe in his own God, but the respect to the emperor was indispensable condition. (Saunders, p. 130-132)

Japan was that country who did not observe the conditions. And Khubilai was cut to the heart. With the invasion he wanted to prove his invincibility and power. No matter that his action was too dangerous for the Mongols, he decided to invade and conquer this country. Unfortunately, he did not manage to do it; the luck was on the Japan’s side.

The Mongol Empire has existed not for a so long period of time. It was too hard to control such a vast territory and Khubilai was not successful in this action till the end.  But, nevertheless, he earned a glory to be considered a very powerful and wisdom emperor who reached great goals.

Buy custom Vision and Mission Analysis essay

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