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Benchmark Assessment: Realization of a Quality Improvement Initiative in colorectal Cancer Cares

Buy custom Benchmark Assessment: Realization of a Quality Improvement Initiative in colorectal Cancer Cares essay

Buy custom Benchmark Assessment: Realization of a Quality Improvement Initiative in colorectal Cancer Cares essay

The purpose of the program or project

Statistically, in the United States colorectal cancer is considered to be the third leading form of cancer after both breast and prostate cancer. Thus, there have been more quality improvement projects formulated to provide with screening tests hence overlooking the significance of improving both care and management of patients diagnosed with the malignancy. Given the fact that the national medical bodies have called for quality care, there has been efforts put forth for such medical institutions as clinics to devise ways for improving the care facilities as a whole. With these immediate goals in mind, an effective medical enlightening certified performance improvement project proposal was visualized (Marshall, Cartwright, Berry, Stowell & Miller, 2012).

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The Target Population or Audience

There has been extensive efforts which are put forth in order improve the level of quality for care of patients suffering from malignant cancer in the United States. Numerous medical boards have also been brought into the limelight in order to assist with the initiative of establishing the quality facilities across the country. With the recent calls from such medical bodies as AMA and ABMS have been established in order to allow clinicians formulate and implement plans useful in measuring evidence-based forms of performances.

Thus, it is out of this fundamental expectation that this improvement initiative project which targets patients suffering from colorectal Cancer aims at enlightening physicians on the fairer ways of  both investigating and analyzing their patient care profession in order to improve on their immediate practice as medicine-practioners. In this case, the targeted population for this initiative is entirely both the cliniciansas well as other physicians who provide the service to the colorectal Cancer patients across the country as a whole (Malafa, Corman & Shibata,2009).

The Benefits of the Program or Project

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The project intends to benefit the participants in three broader ways. First, after successfully undergoing through the process required, the participants will, at the end of the program, be able to learn of the different methodologies in which they can handle matters related to safety of patients as well as supportive care skills for these patients as well(Marshall, Cartwright, Berry, Stowell & Miller, 2012).

Second, upon the completion of the program successfully, the physicians involved as participants will be able to gain skills which conform to the advanced evidence-based form of surveillance of patients with the colorectal Cancer. It should be noted that current technology has put more emphasis on the developments made in screening both breast and prostate cancer at the expense of other forms of malignancy as colorectal Cancer. With the program, thus the physicians will be placed at a fairer position upon which they can distinctively conduct diagnosis effectively and efficiently in that matter (Marshall, Cartwright, Berry, Stowell & Miller, 2012).

Third, upon completion of the program successfully, the physicians should have gathered enough knowledge as well as expertise needed in conducting evidence-based form of treatment for the cancer. This ensures that patients are diagnosed correctly as immediate treatment is administered in order to prevent loss of time as well as other forms of resources. Notwithstanding, the process of diagnosing any form of cancer is considered to be a timely procedure and this is a loss of valuable time to both the physician as well as the patient as fast diagnosis of colorectal Cancer means that drugs willl be availed at the right moment hence save the patient’s condition (Keefe &Abernethy,2005).

The Cost or Budget Justification

The program is expected to use the following resources in the course of conducting the quality initiative project:

First, the project is expected to be conducted in a period not exceeding 3 months. This means that the conference facility to be rented should include a 3-month cost. The physicians as well as the clinicians will be availed with computer gadgets in order to source for the needed database information of patients needed in evaluating the form of cancer. This is meant to cut costs involved with printing of extensive sheets of patient data as well as chart reviews. In that case, the justified costs for the program can be placed at about $ 25,000 in a month which amounts to $ 75,000 basic expenses.

The Basis upon Which the Program or Project Will Be Evaluated

The evaluation of the project will be threefold, this means that the physicians as well as other clinicians will be evaluated on their ability to gather information and execute tasks effectively and efficiently within the 3 months set-target. This evaluation will be conducted monthly in order to avoid situations related with inefficient grasp of information. Self-assessment tests related to evidence-based surveillance as well as treatment will be administered to each of the participants in order to determine their level of resourcefulness in the activity as a whole (Jacobsen, Shibata & Siegel,2011). It should be noted that the program will include real-life experiences and a practical session which will be availed to the participants in order for them to understand fairer ways of diagnosing and caring for this form of cancer (Jacobsen, Shibata & Siegel, 2011).

Buy custom Benchmark Assessment: Realization of a Quality Improvement Initiative in colorectal Cancer Cares essay

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