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Logical Thinking

Buy custom Logical Thinking essay

Buy custom Logical Thinking essay

The term logical thinking refers to the process that is frequently used in reasoning to arrive at a conclusion. Issues that call for logical thinking require structure, correlation between facts and for processes of reasoning that are logical. Dettmer (2007) suggests that the starting point of logical thinking is chronological thought. The process entails collecting all the key ideas, facts and conclusions and organizing them in a chronological manner hence bringing out a logical argument. According to Maboloc (2006) logical thinking is thinking in steps. It is through these steps that one arrives at a viable solution to a problem. The concept of logical thinking makes one to avoid the idea of dogmatization, this way one can account for the conclusion that he or she has arrived at.

One principle of logic is to acknowledge that every human being has a situation, belief and a tradition. Once a situation is examined and reviewed, it becomes possible to account for reasoning behind a behavior. The nature of logic allows it to examine the issue at hand so as to come up with clear decisions and outcomes of the idea. Maboloc (2006) tells his readers that logical thinking is not in any way related to magic rather they should see it as a learned mental process.

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Logical style of thinking has great influence as far as critical thinking is concerned. Dettmer (2007) sees logical thinking as a process that can make people smarter. This is enhanced by specific training in this field. In children, logical thinking enhances a child’s reasoning capability by allowing them to reject answers that are provided over a short period of time. A child will avoid using phrases like ‘ I don’t know’ or ‘ this is beyond my understanding’ rather the child will apply the tools of critical thinking to acquire the knowledge to master the methods that are applied in arriving at a conclusion, the child will also acquire the skills that are needed to analyze the solution that will be attained.

The concept of logical thinking is also very important in mathematics. Maboloc (2006) confirms that learning mathematics is a process that calls for orderliness. Failure to understand a concept, fact or procedure that acts as a building block to other concepts can prevent one from grasping the whole content. For instance, to have a better understanding of fractions, one ought to understand the concept of division. 

Buy custom Logical Thinking essay

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