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Freedom of Choice

Buy custom Freedom of Choice essay

Buy custom Freedom of Choice essay

In a democracy, respect for personal choices is safeguarded provided the choice does not hurt anyone. It is unjust of the federal government and society to discriminate against personal choices, which the constitution gives all Americans. The choice of loving or marrying a person of the same sex should not alienate anyone and set him or her apart from any community. In the United States of America, the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution in 1791 to protect the rights of the American people from government interference; the rights contained in the Bills of Rights are individually based. It should be an individual’s right to choose whom they love and want to marry, and no matter the choice, everybody should have access to the same right of choice.

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The first part of amendment one clearly states that Congress should not make any law that respects an establishment of religion or that prohibits the free exercise thereof. It is no secret; the majority of people fighting against legalizing same sex marriage belong to major religious organizations, all of which use religious and scriptural material for their arguments. The Southern Baptist Church officially states that the Bible has condemned homosexuality as a sin. The church affirms that God’s intention for marriage and sexual relationship is “one man, one woman, for life” (Rimmerman and Clyde 4). Religious organizations, like anybody, have a right to their own set of beliefs and values, but should not be allowed to influence or set any standard for what determines a right or wrong choice in America. 

America is a free country, as long you are heterosexual. People have the right to live and follow their own moral beliefs. Laws are supposed to be created to protect all of our brothers and sisters, not work against them. Allowing gay couples to marry does not inflict danger or physical harm to society. Marriage is an act of love between two people; same-sex couples have an equal right to love as anyone else.

Buy custom Freedom of Choice essay

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