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Books Value Speech

Buy custom Books Value Speech essay

Buy custom Books Value Speech essay

Think of something that changed your way of thinking, your perspective towards life, or your knowledge. What would you refer to such this? Many people don’t value such things in their lives. This important thing in your life can be your role model, your teacher or even a book you read. Today I would like to talk to you about, the value of four books and the impact they would cause if they are in the school literature syllabus.

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We understand that the current generation needs to be taken with a lot of care or rather they will all perish in the world of drugs, sexual diseases and stress. It is thus the role of each and every individual or institution or individual dealing with the youths of this country to take good care of them from all angles. For instance, 14,000 people are being infected with HIV/ AIDS every day. 79% of these are the youths aged between 20 and 39. This statistics shows us the great concern that should be taken to save our youth. The novels talk about the general issues affecting the community.  Personally, these books had an impact in my life and totally transformed me into different person. If we have these books in the school literature syllabus, it might change the lives of many youths who study them. This would be the great importance to the school and to the nation at large. Personally, I strongly believe that the novels should be included in the school’s literature syllabus.

As you can see, it’s important to take care for the youths in our nation. I have talked about the importance of the four novels being included in the school literature syllabus. Imagine if you were given a chance to save the youths of the nation, would you utilize that opportunity to the fullest? I leave you with an African proverb, “it’s better to prevent something from happening than to deal with its consequences if it happens”,

Buy custom Books Value Speech essay

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