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Should Pornography Be Illegal

Buy custom Should Pornography Be Illegal essay

Buy custom Should Pornography Be Illegal essay

Should pornography be illegalized? This is one of the most controversial questions that we are asking ourselves today. Perceptions, modernity, and cultural diversity have in one way or another led to high exposure to public sex and sexual activities. This exposure has brought a number of social challenges and conflicts. On the one hand, there are those who agree on publishing pornographic materials, arguing that as far as it is regulated, there is no need to illegalize an issue which is well-known and practiced. On the other hand, there are those who oppose the impact of pornography on culture and moral values. Indeed, there is a lot to be discussed about pornography.

Pornography is explicit showcasing of sex activity. In a more compelling meaning, it can be defined as acts that define sex as a physical and arousing activity. Pornography is divided into two kinds: soft and hard-core pornography. Soft-core pornography is considered as simple nude and suggestive sexual activities; it may involve a bit of suggestive modelling and nude pictures. Hardcore pornography is an explicit sexual language or activity which even involves scenes of unedited sexual intercourse performances. Pornography is presented in a number of media; they include print media, that is, magazines and newspapers, sculptures and books, postcards and paintings, and drawing and animation. They can also be streamed through videos and film. There are more genres which can be used to present any activity of pornography, but it does not matter as far as it is pornography that is being presented. Pornography is often confused with erotica. Erotica is sensual and it just dignifies sexual encounters, while pornography is much of a physically oriented activity (Robert 12-48).

Pornography and pornographic commercial business has increased in modern society. In the United States alone, every single hour hundreds of pornographic videos are being uploaded online. Also, there are concerns about an increase in child pornography and easier access of pornography materials to young children. This paper will look at the reasons for and against making pornography illegal. It will discuss benefits and perceptions of pornographic activities and then evaluate them with its limitations.

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Reasons why pornography should be illegal

The English Common English Law on pornography is found in the Obscene Publications Act which defined what is legal or illegal in pornography. The Obscene Publications Act in contrast to the Sexual Offences Act defines pornographic materials as acts that induce physical sexual abuse and which in any way seem like rape and is rape. Indeed, one of the reasons why the House of Lords decided to illegalize pornography is that it has encouraged child pornography and child exposure.

Under the Children’s Act, a child is protected from any form of sexual abuse whether direct or indirect. Hence a child is not supposed to be used or participate in any pornographic material or activity. The laws are very clear on the matter.  Anyone caught using a child in sexual matters wold receive severe punishment. Secondly, a child is not supposed to be associated with any pornographic matter. It is very wrong and undignified. The increase and legality of pornography has exposed children to it. If porn is easily accessible and available, it will be simpler for a child to access it. This will practically kill values and morals of society by raising young people who are misguided with inappropriate thoughts, which will lead to an unstable future. It is likely to result in a great number of abortions, loss of family foundations, and unlimited sex desire and addiction. Indeed, child pornography is the worst kind of pornography; hence it should be opposed with all it takes.

Pornography has led to cases of rape and sexual abuse in marriages and in the streets. Some scenes that a viewer may see in pornographic media involve forceful and abusive sexual encounters. These activities are emulated by some of the couples who watch them leading them to harm their partners. A lot of cases have been brought to local courts regarding marital sexual abuse and they are really bad cases. Also, pornography is promoting rape. Activities that are shown in pornographic materials are promoting psychological conditions which prompt men and women to take forceful measures on their partners (Linda 78).

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The second reason why pornography should not be legalized is that it promotes promiscuity. Pornographic materials promote ideals that individuals can have sex with more than one partner and still get away with it. Sexual morals and values that have guided society for a long period are broken with the desire to experience more pleasure. Practically, pornography has broken marriages, since due to psychological reasons people tend to feel that their partners cannot satisfy them well and they seek outside relationships leading to adultery, which is a strong action for legal divorce evidence.

Pornography creates a psychological condition, as individuals would want to practice what they see in pornographic media on their partners. These actions may result in sexual abuse and rejection, which is currently common in our modern society. Couples who watch pornography end up having sexual challenges which may even break their marriages. Moreover, pornography is synonymous with low sperm count in men. When watching pornography, a man may masturbate. Thus, being a porn addict, he will reduce the level of sperms each time he masturbates leading to low sperm count. Addiction is also another porn challenge. There are individuals who cannot engage in any sexual activity without first watching porn. Others are so addicted that porn is their sex life. Indeed, pornography is bringing more legal and moral challenges than expected (MacCormick 11-56).

Imagine that pornography has been totally legalized and commercial trading is done publicly, then what will happen to young and middle-aged men. Commercialization of pornography has sent a great number of young men and women to the business that could have done other legitimate and moral activities. Trading sex has also brought a social challenge to the impact and use of sex. The question iis whether sex should be used as a commercial tool or it should be used as a dignified tool of procreation?

Reasons for pornography

Paternalism is when a person denies you the right to know something because they feel that they should deprive you of this right for reasons associated with you. This interference is mostly guided by codes of conduct and law.  It has raised the question on why one should be given the authority or autonomy to decide for other people. Indeed, moral issues do not need to have regulations as to how an individual behaves while it best serves him. Whether an individual watches pornography or not should be left to the person’s rationality. Hence illegalizing pornography will go against the natural law of rationality (Kleinig 14-54). Secondly, pornography involves two or more mature human beings who can distinguish between right and wrong and who are truly aware of the impact and consequences of what they are doing. Then why knowledgeably or voluntarily should the State enact a regulation on a matter that the subjects are aware of and possibly undertake it within the boundaries of marriages and relationships.

Even when pornography includes an activity of deprivation of personal liberty and identity, still pornography is very beneficial to couples. It is believed that by watching pornography together, a sexually struggling couple would be able to spice up their sex life. Modern relationships are facing a number of challenges resulting from the lifestyle and food that we take; hence it is necessary to provide a couple which is struggling in their bedrooms with appropriate solutions. Indeed, pornography will help such couples identify their mistakes. It is also not so ideal to deny pornstars and porn businessmen a living because a section of society is uncomfortable with pornography. Pornography is a professional artistic field with industry players; hence one’s perceptions and theories on sex should not be able to deny some who are free to choose any way of life. Pornography also brings millions of shillings to the economy and to the government; hence it is financially viable and economically sound. Thus, there are no reasons for illegalizing it (Hart sec. ii-iii).


As discussed above, pornography has led to an increase in the level of child pornography. Hence it is possible that we are already raising a spoilt and immoral young class that is aware of what sex is and not for good reasons, but wrong reasons. This exposure is ruining the foundation of the future of many young people. Pornography is also teaching society the basics of sex. We should not view sex as some kind of pleasure or tool of entertainment.

Consequently, pornography is basically breaking original sex morals and values of not sex preservation. Sex used to be viewed as a holy activity that should be undertaken by specific people and it should definitely not be put publicly, and it should be like that. Pornography has brought confusion and abuse, hence it should be illegal. Undoubtedly, it brings much harm than good.

Buy custom Should Pornography Be Illegal essay

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