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Combating Illiteracy

Buy custom Combating Illiteracy essay

Buy custom Combating Illiteracy essay

In this topic we will examine two sources of materials on combating illiteracy so as to define ways or methods to overcome functional illiteracy among adults in a given society.  Therefore tow sources of information will be evaluated i.e. a book chapter and journal. Functional literacy skills are the essential or basic skills in writing or reading or both so as an individual is able to operate properly in the everyday situations.

Source 1

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Oxford Journals on health Promotion

This journal was written to promote health literacy to the public by the original provision of health education and its related contemporary promotion of health. The journal defines health literacy as the ability of an individual to comply with the medical prescribed therapeutic regimens. Hence the journal addresses health literacy in order to determine avenues of promoting literacy levels in the society among adults in the medical field. The journal identifies two ways and many other issues that promote health literacy in the society. It identifies health literacy education has the major factor that can promote health literacy among adults. This factor addresses functional health literacy and interactive health literacy has the major aspects of health education. Secondly the journal addresses health promotion as aspect health literacy among the adults, Nutbeam, 2000).

Source 2

Book Chapter

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In the book “Health Literacy: A prescription to End Confusion” by Lynn Nielsen, 2000, education and income levels have been identified as the factors that determine the mortality, health and morbidity of individuals. But education or literacy is identified as the major function. This book defines health literacy has the concern on the people who participates or are affected in the details of health promotion, health protection , disease prevention and scheduled screening, basic health care policies and health care maintenance. The book identifies the education system and the health system as the major functions that can promote health literacy among the adults, (Lynn, 2004).

Synthesis Response

Both sources have objectively given a clear study on the level and significance literacy. Indeed they have provided clear ways to promote literacy among the adults in a specific society. In this case we look at the health literacy.

The sources indicate health education has the major literacy function of promoting literacy among the adults. The Oxford Journal identified health education as a tool which has considerably strengthened the major developments in heath literacy in the 1980s to the present timmes. Programs have been created which have pushed theories that have provided for ways to ineptly increase the awareness of health standards and perspectives among the adults. The journal also analyzed the social determinants that have pushed for the health literacy, (Nutbeam, 2000). It identified population, social and environmental policies and economic changes as determinants which have affected the health literacy of adults.

In contrast the book source has given a different preview on the health system function. The health system is presented in a particular view that does not give an ample background for literacy. Hence the system should be edited to empower public health literacy providing a better pace and relationship between the ability of an adult understands and relates health issues with the required health specifications, (Lynn, 2004).

Indeed whether it is health education or health promotion, there is need for promoting health literacy in the society by engaging and enacting substantial methods and policies. Deficiencies between doctor patient relationships, individual- health education system should be removed and better methods implemented to the effect. On top of the list is health literacy promotion where literacy in the health sector should be promoted through health literacy campaigns, programs and systems. Indeed with all these perspectives we will be able to combat illiteracy in the health sector.

Buy custom Combating Illiteracy essay

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