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My Job History

Buy custom My Job History essay

Buy custom My Job History essay

I loved schooling and life was pretty apathetic because I was outgoing and made a lot of friends. School was like contest to me where I was involved in candy contest. I can remember winning and selling candy bars for the fund rising within the school and this was an excellent idea to me.

I was quit bright as I came in 1st place every time from grades to 1st to 5th.  School was also acclaimed as I was bright and I scored satisfactory grades in all my exams but thanks to my parents whose dedication was to bring up bright children and ensure that they understood the value of education. I also had admired company of friends as they had excellent character. In reality, I managed to hold up discipline as no peer pressure was negative or me because my friends were quite discipline and had almost a similar background as mine. In fact, it was an advantage having them as my friends as we competed a lot in our classes, something that facilitated the attainment of satisfactory grades.

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My job history started in high school as working I was working at Winn Dixie a business close to my house. I was sixteen by then and had difficult moments dealing with customers. After sometime, I left that job and joined McDonalds where we sold hamburger. Later on in my teenage years, I worked for Humana Inc. Company and worked there for some few years. It was from here that I learned a lot about insurance but suddenly had to leave because I got another well paying job. This time I joined a credit card company by the name Nashville where life was quit full of fun. From here, I took a Job at spring PCS call center where I started out as CSR and later on ended my service as team leader in a retention department. However, it didn’t take long before we were laid off and I stayed unemployed for about 6 months. Luckily, I was called to work for Verizon wireless where I enjoyed working with people to get there bills paid. For now, I am not working as I stopped over three years ago to look after my grandmother who passed away in Dec. 2009.

Later on in life, I would like to become a foster adoptive parent because I know that I have skills of life and can love and provide a stable home to an adopted child. I believe that every child should have a loving family and having the passion of raising kids, I think it will work out well in my case.

Buy custom My Job History essay

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