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Meaning of Orientalism

Buy custom Meaning of Orientalism essay

Buy custom Meaning of Orientalism essay

Orientalism refers to the simulation or interpretation of cultural practices of the Eastern by the Western writers, fashionable and even artists. At the same time as orientalist are the scholars who study the oriental practices since 19th Century. Orientalism is "a behavior of standardized (or orientalized) script, vision, and study, subjected by imperatives, perspectives, and ideological unfairness presumably well-matched to the Orient (Biddick, 2000).

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Orientalism is an approach that generalizes ways of life (cultures), races, and prejudices, as a discrepancy of the Western world from the East. It is also said to be the split between the West and the East, where the West observes itself advanced than the East, because the West considers that which is extraterrestrial to it, to be mediocre to it as well.

Present-day terms refer to it as the pigeonholing of Islam, by both the academics of the expatriate rights encouragement. While neo-Orientalism is a term for the fastidious characteristic of this stereotyping which is used in situations to any forced resettlement and the proclaimed smash up that it causes to refugee rights, whether these refugees are found inside or outside the Arab and the Muslim world (Said, 2002).

Origin of Orientalism

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Orientalism came into subsistence as a result of the fact that Arabs are being portrayed by non-Arab as irrational, untrustworthy, against Western, narrow minded of the Western cultures. Though some orientalists of non Arab and Arab origin both have discovered to be having different notions behind this Orientalism (Biddick, 2000).

Charactteristics of orientalism

A couple of characteristics attributed to Orientalism and they include:-

  • Air of mystery,
  • Religious fanaticism
  • Being backward culturally, scientifically and in technology,
  • Chauvinism and unfairness.

Dissimilar opinions on orientalism have been in subsistence and as to point out just a few Edward Said and Michel Foucault gave different not public opinions on this subject of the study.

Fall of Orientalism

Arab and Islamic research is becoming wiped out in the west. Edward Said has to oblige to contribute to be held responsible ... Orientalism is now an uncomplimentary word and its practitioners have be converted into scum in the politics of acquaintance.

Buy custom Meaning of Orientalism essay

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