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Chemical-Free Agriculture

Buy custom Chemical-Free Agriculture essay

Buy custom Chemical-Free Agriculture essay


The production of foods by use of chemically intensive agriculture has been on the rise over the years. This has the consequence of putting people, both rich and poor, especially in densely populated areas, in catastrophic food crises. Food prices are rising and many countries are at the brink of facing famine. In order to address the issue, the world began a green revolution in 1960s, which increased food production through the use of hybrid crops, modern farming techniques and chemical fertilizers. However, in the contrary while the green revolution saved people from hunger, there was nothing green about it, but it sowed seeds of other crisis-chemical dependency. This paper will address the issue of chemical free agriculture that is being advocated for all over the world.

Rancho Margot

This is a sustainable Eco-lodge situated in La Fortuna and Lake Arenal region of Coast Rica. The owner and operator of the lodge is Juan Sostheim. The area was barren when Juan started investing in it. The area has been reforested with the help of knowledgeable indigenous people and local naturalists. They have been able to bridge the gap between primary and secondary forests around. The reforestation, which includes native and exotic plants, has attracted pollinators such as bees (MobileReference, 2011).

Rancho Margot’s environment is one of the self-sufficient and sustainable tourism projects in Coast Rica. Apart from sustainability, the lodge is also a leader in conservation. Together with Monteverde Conservation League, Rancho Margot has created the Rancho Margot Ranger Station. Its mission is to be recognized as the best educational, adventure-working and conservation ranch in America. They aim at making a better world for the future generation. Rancho Margot is also a working Pig Farm, Dairy Farm, Chicken farm, Fruit and Vegetable garden, hydroelectric power generator, Medicinal Plant Garden and a biodigester, which generates the farm’s natural gas.

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According to Juan, Rancho Margot welcomes the opportunity to share its best sustainable practices with other businesses in the UNESCO Biosphere of Water and Peace, the country and throughout the world. Rancho Margot shows all visitors the importance of living sustainably and in harmony with the natural environment. All is done for the current generation to make use of the available resources sustainably without jeopardizing the ability of the future generation to obtain the same resources.

Rancho Margot lodge is a very good role model to the community in terms of environmental conservation. They ensure sustainability in resource use and hence avoid resource exploitation. We should also follow their steps in conservation of our natural environment to avoid exploitation and extinction of the natural resources.

Biogas Production

Biogas production has the following benefits to the environment such as: reduction of water and air pollution, destruction of pathogens, and reduction of odors through treatment of waste products. Secondly, it reduces carbon (IV) oxide through the displacement of fossil fuels. In addition, biogas production mitigates the concentration of atmospheric methane and hence reducing their impact on the global climate change.Lastly, biogas completes the required nitrogen from mineral fertilizer and phosphorus for the crops (Jones, 2010). < style="text-align: justify;">Biogas production has several benefits to farming. First of all, it improves the mechanical and nutritional properties of manure. Second, it diversifies farming activities. Third, it adds on the income of the owners from energy and fertilizer production, selling green certificates and treatment of waste. Lastly, it is a reliable production and utilization of energy.

The parameters of biogas production are as follows. The hydraulic retention time (HRT), also known as the average time, can be in a digester. Pig manure takes 10-15 days while cattle manure takes 12-18 days. The temperatures are Mesophilic (250C-450C) degrees, Psychrophilic (100C-250C) degrees and Thermophilic (550C-600C). The organic loading rate (OLR) also known as the daily material fed to the digester per m2. Cattle manure should be 2,5 -3,5kg while pig manure should be 3,0- 3,5kg (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2003).

Technology flow of biogas starts with the substrate collection and holding. This is followed by the pretreatment, which includes separation, cutting, sanitation and mixing then load and move to the digestate storage. Mix and heat the content after the pretreatment of the substrate. Lastly, collect the biogas and convert it to different uses such as cooking and light.

Use of Biogas in Days Inn Hotel

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Biogas is a type of green energy also known as methane. It is made from biomass of waste material from animals such as pigs and cattle. The use of biogas helps a lot in environmental conservation. The use and exploitation of natural resources or the natural environment has highly reduced in areas where the use of biogas has been adapted. It does more good than harm to the natural environment and is hence highly recommended. The gas is cheaply produced, because the raw material is mostly waste products from animals, which are easily obtained (Jones, 2010). Hotels such as Rancho Margot use biogas and have proved it to be good in the hotel industry.

Biogas can be converted into various forms of energy in order to be used for activities such as cooking and lighting. Biogas could be very useful to the Days Inn Hotel, because it needs a lot of energy for it to run. The use of biogas in such big hotels would reduce environmental degradation, because they consume a lot of energy for them to run normally. The use of biogas could reduce the amount of electricity used and forests cut down. The use of trees for fuel causes deforestation, which could in turn have very fatal consequences to our natural environment.

The big companies such as the Days Inn Hotel should have an alternative source of energy apart from electricity for conservation purposes. The use of biogas in the hotels will encourage people to use it even at home through creation of awareness. Rancho Margot educated its customers about the importance of conservation so as to ensure a sustainable living. Conservation can only be achieved through living sustainably in our natural environment. This will ensure that the future generations will still use the natural resources we use today. I, therefore, highly recommend the use of biogas in the Days Inn Hotel so as to ensure sustainability and conservation of our natural resources.

Pros and Cons of Using Biogas in Days Inn Hotel

Biogas is a very important source of energy, which aallows for environmental conservation. Large companies such as the Days Inn Hotel use a lot of energy, which causes environmental pollution and degradation. Using biogas will solve the energy crisis and the fear that we might come short of fossil fuel with time, because it is a non-renewable source of energy. Days Inn Hotel receives many visitors per year. If they decide to use biogas and create awareness to their visitors concerning the importance of using it, then we will have moved a step ahead in environmental conservation.

Advantages of Biogas

First, biogas is a renewable type of energy. This means that it is able to replenish itself after use and hence ensuring continuity. Second, using biogas will help to reduce the attitude of exploitation among some countries who export fuel. Some of these countries exploit the others by making them sign so many agreements as a way of helping them. Third, biogas is capable of ensuring rural development due to provision of energy. Development is energy centered, because there are very few incidences of development that can happen without the use of energy. Industrialization uses a lot of energy and hence biogas would be of help to them. Fourth, biogas removes the fear from the world that it might one day be short of fuel. It hence solves the issue of non-renewable resources such as fossil fuel. Fifth, the use of fossil fuels will help stabilize the economy by reducing inflation. Inflation is highly affected by energy and hence the problem will be solved. Lastly, biogas will create more job opportunities from the development it comes with for example in rural areas (Honey, 1999).

Disadvantages of Biogas

Biogas will increase the level of pollution all-over the world due to the amount of waste produced from the many industries coming up and will be powered by biogas. It might also cause food shortages, especially in areas or nations will minimum space for food production. Biogas is green energy and will be competing with food production to get the raw materials (Lyle, 1994).

Sustainability in the Industry

Sustainability is the use of resources by the current generation without jeopardizing the ability of the future generation to use them. Right now sustainability and living sustainably is all that people are trying to achieve. Other sources of energy such as biogas are a good example of living sustainably and in harmony with our natural environment. Biogas is renewable and hence will reduce the fear of depleting the available fossil fuel. Everybody should adapt the idea of biogas even at home, because sustainability can only be achieved through combined efforts from all-over the world.


Biogas is green energy obtained from organic matter and from waste products. Its cost of production is very low because the raw materials are mainly waste. Biogas can be converted into various forms of energy such as heat energy and light energy. It is renewable and reduces the fear of depletion of the available fossil fuel. Big companies should adapt the use of biogas so as to reduce environmental degradation. The use of biogas allows for sustainability due to the fact that it helps to conserve the available natural resources for our future generations. Our natural environment is our biggest asset and we should avoid harming it in any way so as to continue enjoying life on earth.

Buy custom Chemical-Free Agriculture essay

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