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Life Swap

Buy custom Life Swap essay

Buy custom Life Swap essay

Today, on the television, TV shows cover just everything; any topic you name is there. There is a number of the medical dramas, shows covering addictions, reality shows; lately, more and more shows appeared about people with psychic abilities; it is all there, you think of it, and chances are high that it really exists. I have the idea of the reality show that I find quite entertaining. I would suggest calling it “Life Swap” as this phrase perfectly explains my idea. The grand idea for this show is that two consenting participants will change their lifestyles for a week; besides, they are not just two average people, one of them has to be a celebrity. So, for at least a week, the celebrity settles for a normal life with a regular family instead of one of the family members. At the same time, the ordinary person goes to live the life of the celebrity, going through the regular routine of a famous person. The celebrities will be dealing with day-to-day problems of the average people as well as emergencies. I believe that exchange should include only the participants of the same gender. The show would be focused on the adaptation of people to the new and challenging routine and the dynamics of the family as whole. The exchange can be done within the state as well as beyond the country borders.

Characters should be chosen from the applicants who are willing to take part in the show. For the each program, a new celebrity would be invited and paired up with the family that would present challenges and be at least a little bit competitive at the same time. My primarily goal would be casting only famous people that provide positive social image. Also, I would attempt to cast celebrities for the show that currently have great media coverage, they have some projects coming up or they are simply trending at the moment. This will ensure the high rating of the show due to the increased interest in every aspect of their normal private lives.

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The audience of the show is expected to be quite large and diverse, and I believe it might fluctuate depending on the guest celebrity. Speaking about the audience, I think that housewives are those who hypothetically will be watching this show hoping to break out of their boring routines. Also, the fan base of each celebrity depending on who takes part in the episode aired is going to be either higher or lower.

Overall, I believe that the show will have a great success as it has potential to be watched by a large number of viewers from the different sociological and demographical backgrounds. It will entertain people who love to watch TV shows about human psychology and human relationships; those are mostly housewives. Adolescents and teenagers are going to watch this show mostly for the celebrity exposure.

Buy custom Life Swap essay

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