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Nursing Personal Statement

Buy custom Nursing Personal Statement essay

Buy custom Nursing Personal Statement essay

I am currently working as a nursing assistant in a hospice company. I undertake my responsibilities with passion to attain the mission of the hospice company. I have a heart ready to help and assist patients make improve their health. I put the needs of the patients before anything else because I understand that the patients need me and also need them if I have to grow in my profession. I have strong communication skills that help me build good rapport with my fellow workers and patients.  I am a perfectionist as I like doing things up to the details. I focus on attaining one hundred percent efficiency in my duties.

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I have learned that nursing Profession involves undertaking all the responsibilities by use of specialized knowledge in the right manner. For example, a nurse should demonstrate professionalism by offering patient service with specialized knowledge on medication.  As a professional nurse, a person should have ample knowledge on various care services that should be offered to the patients. A nurse demonstrates professionalism by taking pride in the knowledge he or she has and offering effective care services to patients. Professional nurse should work hard and also study hard so that to increase the knowledge and skills to become better professionals to keep that self esteem. Professionalism in nursing involves being rational in decision making; for example, a nurse must be able to draw a line between public and private matters. He or she should know how to employ the ethics of confidentiality while undertaking the nursing duties.

I would like to use the skills I have gained in the work experience to help other students have more understanding in the nursing profession. I would develop a report out of my work experience and forward it to the nursing college to assist in future research. I motivated to participate in various activities to help the nursing college experience growth in various areas.

Buy custom Nursing Personal Statement essay

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