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Consequences of Overspeeding

Buy custom Consequences of Overspeeding essay

Buy custom Consequences of Overspeeding essay

Question 1

Overspeeding is not condoned by many states around the world, and those who are found committing this offense face a penalty. However, the penalty and rules on overspeeding vary. In the state of Indiana, tickets for fines and penalties are issued to drivers who are overspeeding. The value of the ticket fine depends on the speed of an individual, and it varies from county to county. For instance, in the Hamilton County, a driver that goes beyond the speed limit of between 1 and 14 mph pays a fine of $25.50 and additional cost of $116.50 ( par 3).

A driver that goes beyond the limit of 25 mph or goes beyond the speed limit within a school zone will not only pay the fine and other costs, but also will have to appear in court ( par 4). When it reaches the point, the judge issues other fines applicable to the driver. There are people who refuse to pay the penalty on the ticket provided promptly, and in this case the driver’s license is at risk of suspension or revocation.

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Those who receive more speed tickets within a year are at risk of license suspension or revocation as well. People try to avoid such consequences by enrolling in deferral programs or driver’s safety programs ( par 5). However, those who have more than one speed ticket within a year are not qualified for these programs. In some areas of Indiana, the driver is allowed to pay violations to avoid the speeding tickets permanently appearing on their driving license. Therefore, to avoid all these fines and the resulting complications, drivers only need to adhere to the established speed limits in the area they are driving in.

Question 2

Drivers that overspeed should know that there are serious either short-term or long-term consequences. Those who overspeed at the moment may not suffer adverse consequences such as injury of death, but they may be prosecuted for negligence driving or manslaughter in the case they cause an accident. The prosecuted driver is likely to suffer financial probems because he has to pay a lawyer to represent him or her in court (Moller Dano 36).

The long-term consequences of overspeeding include the loss of a job, which is associated with long leaves taken for hospitalization, and working on lawsuits. Additionally, earnings are reduced, especially for those who own businesses (Moller Dano 39). The driver might also suffer complete impairment or partially follow the impact of fragile parts of the body, such as the spine and the head. Some drivers involved in accidents tend to develop psychological problems, which sometimes develop in a PTSD. This impairs the daily activities of the affected person. PTSD does not always relate to the severity of the injury, but to the perception of the one involved because of the danger he or she was in (Brewin 163). The most vulnerable categories are women, and people with emotional problems.

Question 3

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Overspeeding leads to injury and lawsuits to those involved and this can have severe financial consequences for the person the family involved. The one involved is required to pay for fines and other costs for the violation of the speed limit rule, and when this happens often, one might reach a point of bankruptcy. Sometimes, the driver might face a lawsuit, which requires financing of a lawyer to handle the case. Again, overspeeding might result in an accident, leading to the hospitalization of the victim. Hospital bills deprive the driver of money he or she could have used differently.

The family of an individual that overspeeds is likely to suffer financial problems because of the fines imposed on him and other costs. When the victim has no enough money to pay for the fines and lawsuits, family members contribute to help him. However, if he or she is the provider, the family members are likely to have problems meeting their important needs because some of the money would be used for paying fines and lawsuits (Hasselberg, Vaez, and Laflamme 292).

Question 4

The human race also suffers due to the consequences of overspeeding. When most peoople spend much of their earnings on lawsuits and fines, the humans remain underdeveloped. Individual and group projects, which could have been financed remain pending for years because the money that could have been used to handle lawsuits and fines, or pay hospital bills for victims. Again, when overspeeding results in an accident, properties such as vehicles and businesses located on the roadside are destroyed and their replacement requires human financial support, making development in other areas difficult.

Question 5

When drivers overspeed, the community also stands to lose much. Overspeeding mostly leads to accidents, and the properties of the community are lost; they include bridges, road signs and buildings. These properties require repair or replacement, making the community incur more costs. The people living in the community also feel unsafe when vehicles overspeed, especially pedestrians. This is because the chance of being run-over or hit is high.

As seen earlier, mostly overspeeding leads to fatal accidents, and to handle the victims, hospitals require extra equipment and professionals for cases such as spinal and head injury (McNally, Bryant, and Ehlers 45). This requires extra funds only for accidents, making other important units in the hospital to lose the opportunity to be well equipped. Other projects are also neglected, including the construction of schools and roads; this slows down development.

There is also the loss of lives, which deprives the community of strong and productive people, leaving the children and older people with no one to depend on. These people add more responsibility to the community they live in. The people with permanent disabilities such as loss of limbs and paralysis caused by spinal injury also depend on the community and family members for their survival, and since they cannot be as productive as they were before the accident, the productivity of the community reduces (Lund and Bjerkedal 21). These problems increase as the cases of overspeeding increase, and the only way to minimize them is by driving vehicle with the speed limits.

Buy custom Consequences of Overspeeding essay

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