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Technological Advances

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Constantly changing and developing informational technologies have always served as an accelerating mechanism for globalization. The end of the twentieth century was marked by the appearance of an overwhelming amount of new gadgets which enabled the unlimited access to information. Computer software, telecommunication and the Internet are the most effective means of global integration.

Advanced technologies are so popular among people, because they allow the informational exchange between the representatives of different countries regardless of their geographical position. Since it is possible nowadays to process information in digital form, the interchange f ideas, resources and products among all existing countries is no longer a problem. Such revolution in the domain of technologies is reshaping not only social but also economical lives of people. Just over the period of few years, the whole sphere of trade and commerce has been dramatically changed. Nowadays, for example, it is more convenient to buy products online, and both consumers and manufacturers derive benefit from the process.

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Globalization leads to the development of a global economy and a common market. Undoubtedly, the country with the biggest potential will obtain the largest economic power. Some years ago, it was the United Kingdom, the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, where first technological breakthroughs took place. Over the course of time, the situation changed drastically. New and better gadgets appear every day, and they are always on demand. Of course, there exists a great deal of competition among the countries that are producers of informational technologies. Nowadays, it is the USA that occupies the leading positions in the sphere. The country with a great buying power and the idea of free-market values in the global economy manages to produce competitive hardware and software.

In conclusion, informational technologies are an integral part of globalization. Apart from being an effective means of information exchange between people from all over the world, they lead to the economic development. So, it is not a coincidence that the countries with the biggest economy potential occupy the leading positions among the producers of advanced technologies.




Buy custom Technological Advances essay

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