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The HRM Aims

Buy custom The HRM Aims essay

Buy custom The HRM Aims essay

The human resource management (HRM) is defined in simple terms as a strategic, comprehensive and comprehendible approach to the management of an organization; the most important and valued assets - the personnel and collective - contribute to the achievement of its goals and objectives. Others hold the opinion that the human resource management can be regarded to as a set of interrelated policies with an ideological and philosophical underpinning.

Analysing from the organization level, an architectural perspective maintains that organizations must strike a balance between the use of multiple employment modes to optimize access and use of talents and knowledge. It is also crucial to note that the overall design of an organizations architecture, or its overarching framework geared towards the allocation and deployment of the human capital and HRM systems may be unique (Harris et al, 2004).This therefore implies that at the organizational level, the HRM systems are highly idiosyncratic and must be designed carefully for each organizations individual situation in order to achieve optimum results.

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The HRM aims to ensure that organizations obtain and retain a skilled, committed and well motivated workforce that is needed. This therefore entails taking the necessary steps to asses and satisfy future people’s needs and to develop and enhance the inherent capacity of people-their contributions potential and employability-by providing learning and continuous development opportunities. It entails the operation of the vigorous recruitment and selection procedures, performance contingent incentives compensation system and management development and training activities closely associated to the needs of the business (Korman et al, 1999). It also implies the engagement in the talent management-the process of acquiring and nurturing a talent, wherever it is and wherever it is needed by employing the use of a number of the inter-dependent HRM policies and practices in the field of resourcing, learning and development, performance management and succession planning.

Every employee is endowed with his or her own work ethics and values, upon which they pledge allegiance. The ethics may differ significantly from one worker to another. For instance, it might provide a worker who performs his/her duties to the pink of perfection while on the other hand, it can equally produce a corrupt worker whose standards of achievement are questionable. Every organization has its own set of rules and regulations that govern the daily happenings (Burdett, 1999). In as much as the employees of these organizations have their own values and beliefs, they are bound by the law to abide the constitution of these organizations .This conflict of interests has in some cases led to the discord between the organizations and their employees, resulting in issuance of the sack notices or even the sack in worse case scenarios. 

Buy custom The HRM Aims essay

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