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10 Tips on Budget Trips Across the US

Tips for Traveling in the US on the Cheap

1. Some car rentals offer package deals
Insurance for non US-residents is usually not included automatically, so if something happens, you won’t be covered and might find yourself in a highly unpleasant situation. Therefore, it’s smart to look for rentals that include it in the price.

2. Use American supermarkets

Supermarkets in the US are cheap, omnipresent, and offer exciting products from all over the world. Visiting them helps you save up on offers and exciting cultural experience simultaneously.

3. Order a taxi

If you’re from one of the major European cities, taxi fare might pleasantly surprise you. You can also install an app that will estimate the cost of the trip for you, so that you won’t get duped.

4. Discounts are common

A simple google search will reveal that there are numerous codes and coupons available online. They are good for anything from Broadway tickets to clothes. Additionally, you can usually get a ten or twenty percent discount for hotels and restaurants.

5. Get Internet access on your smartphone

A prepaid SIM Card will only cost you about forty dollars and, in most cases, will include calls, data, and text messages. You might not have anyone to call in the US, but you’ll definitely want to check out Yelp reviews and such.

6. Many museums have free nights

Weekday evenings are usually not very popular among the usual museum-going crowd, so this is when visitors are incited to enter for free. Big places will also have a thing called “suggested admission”, where you decide how much to pay for a ticket.

7. Try Netflix

If you cannot live without your favorite TV shows, there’s no reason to miss them. You don’t even have to pay. Netflix offers the first month of service as a free trial. If you’re only traveling for a short period of time, you can cancel at the end of your trip.

8. Free activities are fun

Of course, Broadway musicals are pricey, but not everything in New York is. There are great websites that provide lists of free events and everyday activities in any given city.
9. National Parks offer passes
If you’re an outdoorsy kind of person, splurging on an annual pass might not be a bad idea. For just $80 you’ll get to visit any national parks. The fee even covers basic campsite necessities.

10. Make up a zip code and a phone number

To sign up for discount cards or even to purchase subway passes, you’ll need a zip code and a phone number. Now, it doesn’t mean that you’ll need to buy a phone and a house. Just choose some numbers at random, but make sure you stick with the same ones throughout your trip.

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