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How to Make the Best Resume with 10 Easy Tips

Resume Wrriting Tips

If you would like to improve your current resume or just start writing your first resume, do your best to avoid the most common mistakes that will make your resume unreliable and not worth of the employer’s attention.

Remember that your resume makes the first impression of yourself.

Focus on bullets, style of the dates, spacing between paragraphs, and size of the font. When you mention your school graduation dates, make sure you remember to mention work experience dates appropriately.

Don’t include irrelevant information.

You should create an applicable resume with experience fitting job requirements. You always can show your advantages from the best side, but you should avoid adding irrelevant facts to your resume. It will only burden your reputation. Don’t fill the space with skills that you don’t have or experience that doesn’t fit the job description.
Old job postings save your time.

Writing your past and current experience is a challenging part of the resume. You may use a job description of the company when it looks for new employees. In this way, you will save your time writing a job description and will remember the previous experience you had.

Tense matters.

Don’t change tenses when speaking about different experiences. It confuses the reader of the resume. Always us present tense in order to avoid mistakes and never confuse the manager of the company where you want to work.

Keep it brief and informative at the same time.

Employers always look for a brief and detailed resume with an informative picture of the experience. Keeping each sentence to one line can be helpful.

Avoid being selfish.

Do your best to avoid using “I” in every sentence. Enrich your resume with different word combinations, such as “coordinated meetings of 5 managers”. The action word at the beginning of the sentence nourishes your experience with facts and value.

Add value to your experience with numbers.

Quantify your experience wherever applicable and add value to the tasks you had in your previous job position. Every time you add numbers to your work experience, you make it more valuable. It is an important detail of the resume, which doesn’t take much time to understand your experience.

Use keywords from the job posting.

Improve your resume by using appropriate language and keywords from job postings. If you are applying for a customer service position, use such words as teamwork and corporate spirit to strengthen your chances to get to the interview.

Include your skills.

Adding skills to the resume, which you gained beyond the borders of the classroom, will add more interest to your personality. In this way, you will get a chance to get invited to the interview.
Ask your friend, “would you read this resume to the end?”
When you finished writing your resume, print it out and ask a friend to read it. Your friend will help you to ensure that your resume describes everything necessary and looks satisfying at the same time.

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