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Indigo Children

Buy custom Indigo Children essay

Buy custom Indigo Children essay

They are called a new race, children of the third millennium, people with new opportunities and consciousness. Every day you meet them on the street, in transport, in cafes or at the university, sometimes without even knowing that they are indigo. Who are indigo children? The question is ambiguous. However, nobody argues the fact that they are a phenomenon that has many faces and forms, but is still essentially unexplained. C. Anthony Anderson in Indigo children (Paladin, 2010) states that American psychic Nancy Ann Tappe was the first who used the concept of indigo children in 1982 in the book How to understand life through color (Ann, 1986, p. 5).  An examination of the aura of extraordinary children revealed that it was dark blue, and this color was called indigo (Ann, 1986, p. 18). Abilities of indigo children are phenomenal. These children really feel the world differently. They are closed and quite cold in emotional self-expression. Indigo children may live in multiple realities simultaneously, for example, to watch two TV programs or listen to the radio, read a book and watch a TV movie at the same time. The main feature of the indigo children is that in the process of learning they use intuition through which they receive information (Ann, 1986, p. 23). Indigo children are extraordinary, more independent, they show the unique phenomena and talents, and the way and reasons of their appearance are still a great mystery of the humanity, so it is very important to examine their basic features, possibilities and behavior in the modern society.

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Key Features of Indigo Children

According to the founders of the concept of indigo children, psychic Nancy Ann and the founder of the International Centre for study of the phenomenon of indigo children Neale Donald Walsch, all children who were born since 1980, are indigo, because their aura has changed (Ann, 1986, p. 44).  Indigo is not a genetic mutation, but a mutation of consciousness (Ann, 1986, p. 82). Indigo children are a new race. Indigo do ot doubt their significance, do not recognize the absolute authority and believe that they will always have a freedom of choice. Munich Institute of Psychology conducted long-term researches of indigo children, which began in 1965 (Tormsen, 2015). The researchers have received an interesting data on physiological characteristics of indigo children about their visual analyzer. Studies have shown that the iris of the eye of indigo children was modified; it has an unusual form of a star (Tormsen, 2015). Additionally, people with an aura of indigo can communicate telepathically with each other both directly and at a distance (Carroll, & Tober, 1999, p. 23). Indigo children can work as the X-rays and see internal organs. Also, for example, they can read a book with the help of their internal vision (Carroll, & Tober, 1999, p. 28). They can recall the details of their past life and even get information from the noosphere - the information field of the planet, as well as from the Cosmos (Tormsen, 2015).  Additional studies of indigo children have shown that two hemispheres of the brains of indigo children  are developed equally, which gives them great opportunities in the world in using paranormal abilities (Carroll, & Tober, 1999, p. 63). Certain basic features of indigo children may be defined. They have paranormal abilities. Indigo children can predict the future and look back into the past. They have high body self-regeneration capabilities (Carroll, & Tober, 1999, p. 82). They strive for independence from an early childhood. Indigo children are smarter than their parents, and occupy a leading position in the family. In addition, they do not recognize any authority and have their opinions. Indigo children are the reformers. Indigo children are hyperactive, and if they are not directed to the peaceful course, they begin the destructive activities. They are gifted children who have developed intuition and a high IQ, but some standard tests do not work for them. Indigo children have new, unusual psychological characteristics and behaviors. Such people naturally have special abilities. For example, indigo children can see the energy field of a person, the so-called aura and they are extremely talented (Carroll, & Tober, 1999, p. 75). Moreover, some scholars argue that some of these children have a changed genetic code. Thus, they have immunity against cancer, AIDS and other serious and almost incurable diseases today (Tormsen, 2015).

Types of Indigo Children

There are four types of indigo children, each of which has a definite vitality program:

1. Humanists. They have an intent to work with people. They are future doctors, lawyers, teachers, sailors and politicians. They are very active, sociable and able to talk with anyone indefinitely, in a very friendly manner. They have permanent beliefs. Physically, they are clumsy. They do not stand any restrictions to their freedom: tight clothing, closed doors, time limits and instructions. The instinct of freedom works instantly and such children want to break something or escape.

2. Conceptualists. This type of indigo children is immersed in their projects much more than any others indigo children. They are future engineers, architects, designers, astronauts, pilots and military. They are clumsy and usually well composed. They want to manage and control everything. This type of indigo has a tendency to addictions, especially to drugs in adolescence.

3. Artists. These children are much more sensitive than other categories of indigo. They are immersed in various arts. They tend to be creative and can become future teachers and artists. Artists always remain creative in any sphere of human activity. If they go into medicine, than they can become good surgeons or researchers.

4. Inter-dimensionals. This is the fourth type of indigo children. They always say, “I know. I can do it alone. Leave me.” These people bring new philosophies and religions to the world. They can suffer because they do not know how to adapt to the society and communicate with other people.

Buy custom Indigo Children essay

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